What are the Advantages of Ceramic Floor Tile?

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There are many advantages to ceramic floor tile. Ceramic flooring is attractive, waterproof, easy to maintain and long lasting. It's also considered cost effective for the value it provides. Ceramic floor tile is extremely versatile, as it can be used indoors or outdoors and is available in many colors, sizes and looks.

Ceramic tile can be found in bright colors, neutrals and even wood grain finishes. Although ceramic floor tiles are especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms, they are multipurpose and can work in any room. In warmer climates, ceramic floor tile used throughout the house instead of carpeting makes a cooler option. Since ceramic tiles are sold in both smaller and larger rectangular shapes, interesting patterns can be created using different tile sizes. Another advantage of ceramic floor tile is that it can even be placed on walls to make a backsplash or other interesting feature.

Properly grouted ceramic flooring tile is waterproof and may be ideal for an outdoor patio since it can usually be washed using a garden hose. Ceramic flooring types also resist frost. Ceramic tile is easy to maintain and only needs sealing about every three or four years. When installing a new ceramic floor, it's always a good idea to buy and save a few extra tiles. This way, if one breaks it's simple to repair because the extra tile can be easily added to the floor to replace the broken tile.


Since ceramic floor tile is durable, it's considered good value for flooring. It's also less expensive than porcelain, and a beautiful ceramic floor can be a good selling feature in a home. Ceramic tile floors can also fit in well with many decor styles from modern to traditional.

Installing ceramic floor tile isn't considered difficult as long as care is taken to do a neat job. The surface should be clean and dry before the tile is placed on the floor and grouted. Homeowners may install a ceramic floor or a flooring company could be hired. Ceramic tile is usually glazed and the smooth surface makes it easy to wipe clean. A great advantage of ceramic tile, that also helps explain its popularity for use in bathrooms and kitchens, is that it's considered to be a very hygienic material.


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Post 3

There are many options when choosing durable and beautiful flooring for your kitchen and bathrooms. I have also chosen ceramic flooring for my newly constructed home. There are many advantages I found. It is easy to maintain, extremely durable, affordable and stylish. So this is the best option.

Post 2

I have seen ceramic floor tile used in many ways besides just on the kitchen or bathroom floor. I’ve seen people use it in fireplaces, as countertops and even as backsplashes. But the other day, I saw floor tile used in a way that just takes the cake. I’m not saying this look is for me, but I’ve got to hand it to these folks for their individuality! They had taken the old asbestos siding off of the outside of a rental home and had replaced it with – you guessed it – ceramic tile meant for the floor. You know, it really wasn’t all that bad to look at, though it was maybe a little odd. I bet it’s a great source of insulation, though. Who knows - kitchen ceramic floor tile as siding may be the wave of the future!

Post 1

Ceramic floor tile is really pretty awesome. After putting it down, if it is done well, it lasts for years and years. Occasionally you might run into a cracked tile or something, but this is really not that difficult to repair. For all of those people out there who are like me and want the best they can get for the money they spend, I’d say this is a good option. The way it takes wear and tear, and how easy it is to keep clean makes it a real deal. Even cheap ceramic floor tiles last for quite a while.

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