What are the Advantages of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

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You may not want to disclose how many times you've had this happen. You see the floor needs vacuuming but when you run the vacuum it fails to pick up any dirt. On closer inspection, you realize the vacuum bag is full. As you race to the cupboard for more bags you realize you've used them all, and now the stores that sell them, are all closed. You might end up trying to make do with a hand vacuum or carpet sweeper, but still the floor is not exactly clean.

This scenario plays out in homes all the time, but repeats with less frequency since the advent of bagless vacuum cleaners. Unlike vacuum cleaners that must have dirt collection bags replaced on a regular basis, bagless vacuum cleaners collect dirt in a small receptacle that can be emptied as needed so no suction power is lost. The primary advantage of bagless vacuum cleaners over those with bags is knowing that you won’t be stuck with an un-vacuumed floor and no way to get bags.

Bagless vacuum cleaners tend to be just as effective as the standard one, and many models can be purchased relatively inexpensively. Further, many bagless models have a clear plastic dirt receptacle, which tells you when you need to empty it so you get full power to your vacuum. You can also spot a child's toy in the dirt container. Thus if you vacuum up something large, you just may be able to retrieve it.


Individual bagless vacuum cleaners may differ in features. Most experts suggest finding those with high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA), especially if you suffer from allergies. This means that you may have to replace filters, if not bags, on a regular basis. Another popular model allows you to wash filters. These can be convenient, as you save money on purchasing filters or bags, but they may prove inconvenient if you're in a hurry. Usually you must dry any filter parts for a day, or 24 hours before reusing them. It might help to have a spare set of filters on hand so you can wash one and replace the filters at the same time.

The primary advantages to bagless vacuum cleaners include the following:

  • May be less expensive in the long run, since there is no need to replace bags. Other parts that may need to be replaced, however, like filters and belts.
  • Ability to see when the collection device is full so you can empty as needed.
  • Availability of washable filters.
  • Tend to be as durable as other styles of vacuum cleaners and tend to work with as much power (though this depends upon model, make and price).

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Less expensive to run? I disagree with this assessment based on our experience wherein we are constantly replacing belts in these vacuums.

As far as durability, I have spoken with a vacuum cleaner repair shop in California who stated that "bagless vacuums" keep them in business since they need repair on a regular basis.

As far as being a more effective cleaner, dumping the dirt cup often releases dust back into the air. Our janitorial crew have an extreme dislike for the bagless vac because of the constant clogging and broken belts.

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