What are the Advantages of an Aluminum Clipboard?

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There are a number of types of clipboards available, and each can have important uses in work and play. Hardboard or plastic ones can be particularly good for school and a variety of business applications. Many businesses, though, turn to the aluminum clipboard due to its numerous advantages.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

One of the things people may note about many aluminum clipboard styles is that they are made from recycled aluminum. This can be perfect for any individual or a business that is attempting “greener” living or business operations. Choosing aluminum clipboards from recycled material makes a statement about the individual or company’s stance on protecting the environment.

It’s also important for most people who choose an aluminum clipboard to get an office or business supply they won’t have to replace regularly. Metal makes these clipboards sturdy. Most withstand significant and repeated use for many years without needing replacement. It’s common to see these clipboards used by people in construction and manufacturing settings because they can take some abuse and remain functional.

Certain professions find the aluminum clipboard most helpful because they often require people to fill out forms that have carbon copies. Aluminum provides an excellent surface and is especially good at providing the surface needed to make sure that any writing penetrates through carbon copies. Another plus is that people can purchase an aluminum clipboard that has a box that can hold documents, sometimes called a portfolio or box clipboard, or the clipboards can feature an thin internal holder for documents. These can prove helpful in keeping track of a variety of papers or invoices.

Other professions may find the aluminum clipboard useful because it is easy to clean, and can be cleaned often without showing wear. Metal clipboards that have an antimicrobial surface can be perfect in healthcare settings. However it should be noted most doctors tend to use plastic clipboards for patients filling out forms in doctor’s offices, which may also have germ resistant properties. Any clipboard in healthcare settings still needs to be cleaned often.

Lastly, there can be an advantage to carrying the aluminum clipboard because it is relatively light in weight. The metal provides a strong surface, but aluminum is fairly light. This can be a help if a clipboard must be carried frequently.

Thus there can be numerous advantages to clipboards made of aluminum. They may be made of recyclable materials, are durable, and have a good writing surface. People find them particularly useful in business settings where forms need to be completed in carbon, or when forms need to be kept, and also in settings where clipboards may be exposed to a lot of use or require a lot of cleaning. Combined with these advantages, aluminum clipboards are lightweight and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

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