What are Television Stands?

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Console units are pieces of furniture with televisions incorporated into them, but these have faded from popularity with the advent of portable television sets. Portable sets are handy, especially if there is only one television in the home, but the owner still needs somewhere to put the TV. That's where television stands come into the picture.

Television stands come in a variety of sizes and styles from the very simple to the elaborate. You can find everything from traditional to modern styles, in metallic to fine wood finishes. Television stands can be small or large and feature every design element from clean lines to elegant details.

Some television stands are not much more than a simple cart with casters. This type of stand can easily be turned for viewing convenience, and can just as easily be moved to the other side of the room or to a different room entirely. Other television stands come with a swivel so the TV can be seen from any angle.

Some television stands are stationary, substantial pieces of furniture, similar to low cabinets. Many have extra storage for electronic components, such DVD players, stereos, and video game consoles. They may include storage for movies, music, and games as well. The extra storage spaces may be open or closed depending on the style, but many television stands are open. Closed units usually come with solid doors or doors made of glass.


Television stands are also available in designs that compliment particular manufacturers' televisions. A stand with similar lines and a closely matching finish helps keep the look of the entertainment area more cohesive.

Perhaps you'd like to design the perfect stand yourself. You can have a piece custom made by a furniture maker, or you can use modular media units to create something that meets your style and budget needs. Incorporating modular units lets you combine different pieces to achieve the right fit. You can select the proper amount of storage, the best height for your viewing pleasure, and even locking wheels so the stand won't move unless you want it to. You can subtract pieces from the unit, or add additional pieces as you obtain more components or purchase a larger TV.


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