What Are Tape Hair Extensions?

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Tape hair extensions are temporary hair extensions that use double-sided tape to attach the extensions to a person's real hair. The tape comes in different types and strengths but is usually clear and flexible. Taped hair extensions are useful when one prefers a more discrete appearance, because the scalp is still visible after the application. Tape can be used for both human hair and synthetic extensions and allows one to reuse the hair more easily compared to more lasting hair extension methods. This makes taped extensions useful for many types of hairstyles.

Tape hair extensions may come with tape already attached to the hair or may use tape that comes on a roll. Pretaped extensions are easier to use because the person applying the extension simply removes the backing off the tape to expose the adhesive. When the tape no longer holds well and starts slipping off the real hair, one has the option of purchasing a roll of tape and reapplying it to the extension's weft. If one purchases wefts of hair without the tape already applied, he or she can purchase a roll of tape and cut the pieces to fit the desired widths of the wefts.


Their standing as hair extensions that are easier to apply and more temporary than other types of hair extensions means tape hair extensions have many common uses. Some companies offer tape hair extensions in narrow wefts that are intended to be used as hair highlights. This allows one to try out different styles without spending the time and money on permanent extensions or hair color and can also carry a somewhat smaller risk of damage to the person's real hair. They are usually hard to see if applied properly, do the extensions are also useful for hairstyles in which all or part of the hair is worn up.

The process for removing tape hair extensions usually involves using a special spray or bottle of solution to weaken the tape's bond and remove any remaining residue from the natural hair. Some of the products used are also commonly used for removing glued hair extensions and can take some time to completely remove the wefts from the hair. There's also a risk of damage if one pulls too hard on the extensions when trying to get them out. One should keep in mind that some types of tape are much weaker and can be much easier to remove.


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Post 4

I was worried that hair extension prices might be a little too high for my college budget, but I found lots of stores with over 100 human hair extensions available. It was really nice have so many options.

I use double sided tape hair extensions. They are real hair and take more care than the synthetic ones -- but they look nicer to me. I can get ones that match my hair texture and thickness so they blend right in.

I avoid the funky colored ones, but I can see how those would be fun if you wanted to add some color to your hair without permanent damage. I know that they are very popular among high school kids – probably because they're so cheap.

Post 3

@Jacques6 - I've order Russian hair extensions and Japanese hair extensions. It's not because they're foreign or anything -- I just like the styles better and they are usually cheaper than a lot of American brands.

I try to change my hair daily. I don't get a new hair cut or anything, I just like to switch hair extensions, use temporary dyes and curl it differently. Hair extensions make it really easy and I can avoid using a lot of hair spray and dye that way.

Hair extensions are great for special occasions! My sister used them for her whole wedding party. She had a sort of princess style theme going so all of the bridesmaids had to curl their

hair. There were ten bridesmaids and their hair needed to match.

It was easier to get curled hair extensions than try to get all the different types of hair to curl the same way. All of the woman got to keep their ringlet extensions as keepsakes in the end. It was fun.

Post 2

@minthybear19 - It sounds like you've found a useful way to use tape on hair extensions. I never thought of using them to hide scars. Do you use the real hair ones?

I've tried clip in human hair extensions and tape on ones -- I actually prefer the synthetic hair ones from Japan. They feel like real hair, but they are cheaper to buy.

I have thin hair too, so the super soft thin ones from Japan work great. You can get them in almost any color and style -- I love the really curly ones. They look gorgeous with evening dresses.

Post 1

I got into a car accident when I was little and I have a big scar on the side of my head above my left ear. I've always styled my hair to hide it but I have pretty thin hair to begin with.

If I pull my hair back into a ponytail, it's perfectly visible -- so I avoid styling my hair away from my face.

I found out about tape on hair extensions recently and start using them. I can tape them on to add more volume and then blend them into my hair enough that I can hide my scar.

Since I got into using hair extensions, I realized how much fun they are! I've used all kinds of colors in my hair. It's a way for me to change my look without uncovering my scar or changing my hair style too much.

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