What are Stylist Shears?

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Stylist shears are specialty scissors which are designed to be used for cutting hair. They are also sometimes known as stylist scissors or hair cutting scissors. Since stylists are usually expected to supply all their own tools, every stylist owns his or her own pair of stylist shears, and they are one of the key tools utilized by the stylist in daily work. A number of companies make hair shears in a variety of styles, and there are numerous suppliers who sell this useful hair cutting product.

Scissors used for cutting hair need to be extremely sharp. Stylist shears are designed to hold an edge well, and to take an edge easily, so that they can be sharpened with ease. The shears come in different blade lengths and with different handle designs, with stylists picking a style they feel comfortable with. Most manufacturers also produce left handed versions of their shears so that stylists who are left hand dominant can use specialty shears which will be more comfortable for them.


A typical pair of stylist shears comes with a protective case. The case is designed to protect the blades when they are not in use, preventing them from becoming chipped, rusted, or otherwise damaged. Using a protective case also protects people, ensuring that the sharp blades are tucked away so that people can't hurt themselves rooting around in a drawer or bag for the right tool. People can also buy protective cases, in the event that a case breaks or a pair of shears is sold without a case.

Like other scissors, stylist shears need to be well maintained to work properly. Since they are often used in humid environments, it's important to wipe them down so that moisture does not sit on the blade, and to oil the scissors regularly so that they open and close with ease. Carrying the scissors in a case also protects them from impacts which could offset the blades. Due to concerns about spreading disease, some stylists also make a habit of disinfecting their shears between clients, in which case a product safe for use on metal should be utilized.

In addition to standard stylist shears, it is also possible to buy thinning shears. Thinning shears grip less hair at a time, and are used for thinning hair without changing the look too much. People with thick hair may use thinning shears at home to maintain their hairstyles and keep their hair under control, and a stylist at a salon can use thinning shears for the same purpose, or as part of the overall haircutting process on a client with thick hair.


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