What Are Stewed Sausages?

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Many people enjoy stewed sausages and this dish can be prepared in numerous different ways. Stewing, in this instance, usually refers to simmering the protein together with various vegetables and a liquid, such as broth or wine. The result is usually a one-pot meal that includes the meat, veggies, and a pan-simmered gravy. This type of dish can challenge novice cooks and help them hone their skills, while those experienced in the kitchen can play with flavors to create new concoctions.

The vegetables used are typically one of the most important parts of a stewed sausages recipe. These infuse both the sausages and pan gravy with flavor, tying the entire dish together. Some traditional veggie options include bell peppers, onions, garlic, carrots, fennel, and spicy chili peppers. Home cooks should feel free to choose and use their favorites.

There are two basic ways to begin a stewed sausages dish. The first typically involves boiling. First, the root vegetables — except any onions used — are cooked in this way, for about 10 minutes. These are then drained and the sausages are boiled briefly as well. All of the veggies and sausages are then added to a pan to simmer in a chosen liquid, with the onions, until all the vegetables are tender and the sausages are cooked through.


The second cooking method usually begins by adding all of the chopped root vegetables, including any onions, to an oil-coated pan to saute. Once these are tender, the sausages and braising liquid is added, and the dish is allowed to simmer until cooked through. This second method sometimes takes a bit longer, but usually requires a little less effort. To make a finished sauce, both methods require the cook to remove the cooked vegetables and stewed sausages from the pan, leaving any drippings in the pan.

The sauce in a dish like this generally comes together when the cook deglazes the pan with red wine or a little chicken broth. Deglazing involves stirring a liquid into the hot pan and letting it sizzle and simmer until it thickens slightly. The cooler liquid hitting the hot pan immediately pulls bits of browned meat and veggies up from the bottom of the pan, infusing the sauce with flavor. When this liquid simmers down to half its original volume, it is usually ready to be poured over the stewed sausages and veggies.

Bread can also be a component of a stewed sausages recipe. Some home cooks like to tear it up and add it to the sauce. This is done because it breaks down and acts as a thickener for the gravy. Other cooks may prefer to serve fresh bread on the side for soaking up excess sauce on one’s plate. Both methods are popular, and some cooks even use bread both ways in a single stewed sausages dish.


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