What are Steroids Supplements?

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Many bodybuilders use vitamins and mineral supplements to assist in recovery and muscle growth. Some also use steroid supplements, which are anabolic drugs designed to enhance muscle growth. These drugs are a synthetic version of testosterone. Most steroids cause the body to produce additional human hormones, which enhances the body’s ability to synthesize protein.

In the last few decades the use of steroids supplements has affected many sports. Most professional sports have attempted to level end their use by banning players from using the substances. These sporting groups now perform periodic testing to verify that players are complying.

Steroid supplements have many side effects. These include loss of hair, increased bad cholesterol, liver, and kidney damage. Some studies have also linked the use of steroids to prostate cancer. The additional strain on internal organs can cause serious long-term damage.

The United States congress declared anabolic steroids a controlled substance in 1991. This law prohibits the use or ownership of steroids without a prescription. This is because of the inherent risk and well-documented side effects that typically coincide with steroid use.

There are many forms of steroids available today. Bodybuilders typically prefer steroid injections because they are the purest form of steroid available. Injected steroids process faster because they do not require digestion from the stomach and intestines.


Most steroids supplements are designed for bulking up the athlete, but all steroids are not the same. The best steroids for muscles gains are dianabol, testosterone, deca durabolin, and anadro. These supplements are typically taken in a cycled-phase approach. This limits the long-term damage to the kidneys, liver, and heart. A good cycle program should include six weeks on and three weeks off. This will give the body an opportunity to recover from the supplements.

Exercise is critical when using an anabolic supplement. During a cycling phase, the bodybuilder can lift more weight and perform excessive endurance training. This provides him with a unique opportunity to grow additional body mass after a hard workout. Failure to workout during a cycling phase will limit the growth, even with anabolic supplements.

Today there are many legal forms of anabolic steroids. These supplements are designed to stimulate the natural human hormone of testosterone. Some examples of legal steroids are D-Bol, Tren, and DHEA. All of these supplements have the same adverse side effects of most typical steroids supplements but can be purchased in many health food stores.


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