What are Spa Kits?

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Spa kits are commercially sold packages of party supplies for beauty themed events such as bridal showers or teen sleepovers. The number of individual kits as well as their contents varies widely in each package. Many types of spa kits include a mixture of products, such as facial masks, moisturizers, lip balms, bath salts and cosmetics.

The most common type of cosmetics sold in spa kits is nail polish. Manicures (manis) and pedicures (pedis) are popular at spa parties. Mani and pedi kits will likely contain nail files, emery boards and polish remover; they may also have tiny stickers for decorating fingernails and toenails. Besides being sold in separate kits, nail supplies may be included in spa party packages along with other types of beauty products.

Some companies specialize in girls spa kits for teens or preteens. A salon expert may attend a birthday or sleepover party to provide help by instructing the girls on how to apply age appropriate products, such as skin care creams and facial masks. Cosmetics in a spa kit package for younger girls are also typically age appropriate. Light shades of lip gloss or nail polish may be included in these kits. Spa-themed kits designed for women and bridal showers may have more dramatic cosmetics, such as special occasion makeup products as well as tips on how to create a smokey eye look.


A spa themed party is usually held at the hostess' home; it may last the day or be an overnight beauty event. The number of guests varies, but spa kits typically contain beauty supplies for an even number of people, such as six, eight, ten or more. Kits may be purchased online or from a local day spa or beauty salon. Sometimes, a salon expert is part of the product in that he or she attends the party, supplies the kits and provides advice and expertise to guests on how to apply the beauty products.

Deluxe spa themed kits include a fluffy white terry cloth robe for each guest as well as lovely, ribbon-accented take home gifts such as scented candles or soaps in decorative tins. At home spa kits, whether basic or deluxe, should be fun to use and feel pampering to guests. As an alternative to prepackaged kits, a spa party hostess may purchase individual items to create the same kit for each guest, but this is likely to take more work and time.


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