What are Spa Cards?

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Spa cards are gift cards presented to those desiring the restorative and relaxing treatments offered by a day spa or retreat. Like paper gift certificates, a spa card starts out with a certain amount of credit that can be spent on a single manicure, monthly massages, or a weekend retreat. Single spa locales, as well as national registries, supply spa cards to be redeemed at many convenient locations.

In general, gift certificates have been replaced by plastic gift cards resembling credit cards because they are reusable, store the denomination magnetically, and are easier to use. Spa cards are unique to services providing beauty treatments, massage, soaks, and other pampering benefits. Some spas have joined a centralized organization so that a card can be redeemed at any number of locations. They can be shipped directly to the recipient in gift packaging, including some brochures and information on options for their visit.


When issued, a spa card usually contains a set amount of money to be freely spent by the recipient on anything from a facial to a jacuzzi visit. Some fancier establishments allow you to choose the design on the card, showcasing a delicate orchid, an ocean view, or the steaming black rocks of a sauna. Usually, the spa card never expires, and can be credited and debited many times. Another creative use is to give a spa card that the giver replenishes each month, such that the gift continues for an entire year, providing ongoing services like skin exfoliation.

Although a standard spa card contains a set denomination, such as $100, they can also be credited with a particular treatment. For example, rather than giving a certain amount of money, you can pay for a specified treatment, like a package to rejuvenate your feet composed of an herbal soak, pedicure, and foot massage. You could also choose to send your friend or family member on an extended weekend stay at a spa resort, with overnight accommodations, hot tub privileges, and acupressure treatments.


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