What Are Sourdough Waffles?

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Sourdough waffles are made from combining sourdough starter, flour, eggs, and baking soda. Milk, butter, or vegetable oil might also be added to the batter. These waffles have a unique, tangy flavor. The starter used to make sourdough waffles is a mixture most often used for baking various breads. Batter used to make sourdough waffles must sit for up to 15 hours, depending upon the recipe, so it is best for the waffle preparation to begin the evening before an individual wishes to prepare them.

A basic sourdough starter is used as the base ingredient in sourdough waffles, and can often be obtained from a friend or relative. A number of websites on the Internet sell them as well, and various organizations provide dried starter, often for just the cost of postage. It is also possible for an individual to make his or her own starter, and many recipes and techniques abound in books, magazines, and on the Internet. Once an individual has obtained sourdough starter, he or she can use parts of it for baking, saving the rest and continuing to feed it, so he or she has starter for as long as is needed.


All waffle ingredients are not added to the batter at one time. Typically, the fat and leavening are added after the batter has been allowed to sit. Once the first phase of batter has been mixed and allowed to rest, eggs, milk, baking soda, and butter or oil might be added to complete the recipe. After these additions, the waffle batter is ready to be prepared and baked, most often in a waffle iron.

The age of the starter determines the overall flavor of the waffles. Starter that is new or has not been fed for very long will produce a very mild tangy flavor, whereas starter that is more mature and has been fed for a longer period of time will produce a very tangy waffle. Individual taste dictates the maturity of the starter that should be used in any given recipe.

While fresh waffles are usually a treat for anyone, preparation is time consuming, so cooks may not wish to make fresh sourdough waffles often. Larger batches can, however, be baked and saved for later use. Once waffles have been cooked, they can be cooled, placed in freezer safe packaging, and placed in a freezer. The waffles might then be baked, microwaved, or toasted and enjoyed much more quickly than when making them from scratch.


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