What are Some Wedding Favors for Men?

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Choices of wedding favors for men are as varied as all the men in your wedding party. The easiest way to approach the task of selecting men's wedding favors is to consider what makes the men you are shopping for unique. Considering their interests should also be a good starting place.

A common wedding gift for the men in the wedding party is an engraved flask or beer mug. Often these stock gifts get tossed in the back of the closet before the bride and groom depart for their honeymoon. With so many options available today, however, selecting wedding favors for men in your party that they'll cherish is not only possible but, with the proper reference point, it can be rather simple.

There are many sports-themed wedding favors for men. A picture frame with a sports theme might be a good option for fans. For those with children, a frame for each child with the sport they play as the theme might be appreciated as well. Alternatively, the golf lover might like some personalized golf accessories, such as tees and balls.

Some of the male members of a wedding party might love to travel. If this is the case, personalized luggage tags could be a great option. Alternatively, personalized, travel shaving kits or toiletry bags make great wedding favors for men on the go.


Cigar smokers would likely enjoy a nice cigar cutter and a box of quality stogies. Personalized martini shakers or nice bottles of good liquors are a great option for the seasoned drinker.

For the businessmen in the wedding party, personalized business accessories such as pens, key rings and business card holders could come in handy every day. A personalized attaché or address book are other great ideas. For the dapper dresser, cuff links might be a welcome addition to the wardrobe.

Fine food enthusiasts or those with a sweet tooth might enjoy a personalized cookie bouquet. There are many varieties to choose from and it surely won't get stuck in the back of a closet. An elegant chrome coffee scoop with a bag of gourmet coffee is another popular idea that will likely be used and enjoyed by most any man. These could be arranged in a basket with some coffee mugs to add a little more to the gift.

While your budget will be a major determining factor, you should not let the process of buying wedding favors for men in your wedding party become a burden. Simply take a few minutes to think about the men you are shopping for and you are sure to come up with some unique, and appreciated, ideas.


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Post 3

Maybe it's not the done thing, but I would just give them each something to wear on the day and then keep, like a tie or cuff-links or something like that. I don't think there's anything wrong with giving people something that they might not necessarily use in the future. A wedding is a once in a lifetime sort of thing. It's OK to keep mementos with no other use.

Post 2

@bythewell - That's a good idea if you don't necessarily know the men in your wedding party very well (for example, if they are distant cousins or from the bride's side) but I think most people tend to know their friends well enough to know how to give them presents without ruffling feathers.

If you really feel brave, you might even leave wedding favors and gifts to the best man to sort out, although then you would still have to get him something so he doesn't get left out.

Post 1

I think food is probably the safest bet, to be honest. Make sure you know if anyone has allergies or preferences (such as being a vegetarian) and then just get a really nice food basket for each person, with maybe one item that you know for sure that it's their favorite.

The problem with providing unique favors for everyone is that people tend to get so competitive around weddings. It's bad enough that many people feel hurt by the choice of best man, but if it seems like someone else got a more expensive or thoughtful gift after the wedding, it's not going to go down well.

Everyone has to eat though, so you can make sure everyone can receive the same present by making it edible.

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