What are Some Wedding Craft Ideas?

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Many people are embracing the concept of creating their own wedding crafts for decorating both the ceremony site and the reception site. As a result, many craft, fabric, and wholesale retailers sell wedding craft supplies. While wedding craft ideas are limited only to your imagination, budget and preferences, some ideas to get your creativity flowing are described below.

Wedding craft ideas that have been popular long enough to become traditional include small bottles of bubbles tied with ribbon to replace the environmentally unsound practice of tossing rice, floating candles or flowers in small bowls of colored water, and of course sprinkling the reception dinner tables with flower petals or confetti. These are all great ideas if they appeal to you, but there are many more wedding craft ideas that you can personalize for your wedding. You might consider replacing printed matchbooks with this wedding craft idea: Take a small jewelry box and place a Hershey's Kiss and Hug inside with a small note reading, “Hugs and Kisses from the Bride and Groom”. This is not only safer than supplying matches, especially for a reception with children in attendance, but can be a sweet touch when set at every place setting.


To mark place settings, purchase small picture frames and make your own nameplates with a computer printer. You can choose your own font and color for the names and then slip them inside the frame. Guests can take the picture frames home and reuse them. Choose frames in silver, gold or whatever other finish best matches your color scheme.

The reception table centerpiece also allows for very creative wedding craft ideas. Candles, fish bowls, and flowers are all elements that can add a unique touch to your reception. You might choose to place a candle inside a wineglass tied with ribbon and lace, or you might want to float flowers in a small goldfish bowl. You can even add betta fish or goldfish and allow guests with children to take them home.

Another wedding craft idea that is very personal, but requires some attention to execution, is to make a “wishing well”. In the corner of the reception room, place a mid-sized electric fountain and have a trusted friend or family member set up a video camera there. Supply pennies in a small mesh satchel or decorated box at each place setting. Guests are then encouraged to take their pennies to the “wishing well,” where their personal wishes for the bride and groom can be recorded on video. Guests can toss their pennies into the fountain, or a decorated bucket can be supplied. This wedding craft idea provides the bride and groom with a life-long memento of the best wishes of their friends and family.

Wedding crafts may take some planning and work ahead of time, but they can add a very personalized touch to any wedding and reception. Most brides-to-be will find that their friends and family are very willing to work on projects with them. For further wedding craft ideas and inspirations, check you local library or bookstore.


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Post 2

A cool DIY wedding craft that's so simple and yet so thoughtful is the thank you note that our friends created.

On the day of their wedding they had the photographer take a picture of them in their wedding dress and tux while they were holding up a large, hand-printed poster that said, *Thank You*!

They made that photo into a post card and used it to send to all the people who gave wedding presents. It was a great keepsake and we still have it on the fridge today! I loved that idea!

Post 1

A good resource when looking for wedding craft projects is the florist you are working with!

Florists are "in the know" when it comes to the latest, quirkiest, coolest, and most inspirational wedding ideas. I mean, seriously, who else talks to brides constantly?

One florist I met kept a craft idea book that was completely original because it contained all the ideas she had gotten from the brides she worked with. It was amazing.

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