What are Some Ways to Use Glass to Decorate my Home?

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There are many different ways to decorate your home with glass, regardless of the style or room. This material is used to make a wide variety of items, including canisters or jars, vases, shelves, tables, and candlesticks.

People often use glass canisters on kitchen counters, where they can also make an elegant modern statement. Even a simple food like breakfast cereal can look sophisticated sitting on your counter in a large canister jar with a scoop inside. Rows of canisters filled with different foods look neat, clean, and elegant behind the closed glass doors of an upper kitchen cabinet.

Replacing a few upper kitchen cabinet doors with glass ones does not have to be expensive and can add a new, airier look to your kitchen. Almost anything that is neatly placed in the cupboard will look great and it also gives you the perfect opportunity to display your favorite items. Even a few small accessories can improve the look of a kitchen. For example, a covered, footed clear glass cake plate can add interest to a kitchen counter as well as conveniently hold muffins and baked goods. A glass cutting board lets your counter top show through and is easy to keep clean.


Glass shelves in the kitchen can be mounted on the wall for extra storage. They can hold pots of herbs are a great way to have fresh herbs at your fingertips while giving your kitchen a lively appeal. Glass tables are also a great idea for kitchens and dining rooms, although they may require constant cleaning if they are close to a window or sliding door as sunlight will showcase any spots or streaks. Display cases in dining rooms show off collectibles elegantly. Tea candles or cut flowers floating in a glass bowl on the dining room table make a perfect centerpiece and glass candlesticks may add the perfect finishing touch.

Clear vases show the green stems of flowers and can give a fresher look to a room than opaque ceramic vases. Flower vases look wonderful placed around the home or in the living room, and add a romantic look to a bedroom or a welcoming look to a guest room.

Glass canisters used to hold cotton balls and other items look great in a bathroom, but for safety reasons, acrylic plexiglass may be a better choice for bathrooms. Transparent acrylic wastebaskets, soap-dishes, and shower curtain rings go with any bathroom color scheme and have a modern appeal. A large acrylic transparent canister can also make laundry soap look more appealing on a laundry room shelf, and the detergent becomes easier to access if a measuring scoop is included in the jar.


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