What are Some Ways to Prevent Pimples?

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Pimples are a common problem for many people, and they can affect men or women and strike at any age. They can appear without any warning and seem to break out at the most inopportune time. Adolescents are very prone to acne, and many people spend their teenage years trying to prevent pimples. A good skin routine, including regular gentle cleansing, and a healthy diet can help reduce the problem.

In the last few decades, there has been a huge explosion in the number of skin care products designed to prevent pimples. The prices of these products vary greatly, as do the results they achieve. Many claim to reach deep down into the pores to clean out the oil and dirt trapped inside. Some make good on this claim, but others just produce more oil in the skin, which can lead to more pimples.

Keep the skin clean and free from bacteria can reduce the chances of breakouts A good skincare regime should include some type of exfoliant. This should be gentle, but strong enough to brush away the dirt and grime our faces accumulate every day. A medicated soap may also be a good option, but users should make sure that it does not dry out the skin completely. Face masks also have the power to reach deep into the pores and clear out any dirt trapped there.


One way to help prevent pimples is to stick to a healthy diet. A proper balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will keep the skin in peak condition and may prevent excess oil. Food allergies are also sometimes a cause of pimples, and a medical professional should be able to determine if this is a cause of eruptions in the skin.

One of the best ways to keep skin clear and healthy is to drink plenty of water. Drinking at least 64 ounces (about 2 liters) of water every day is recommended. Sweat lost through the skin can be full of impurities, and drinking water is the best way to flush these out.

Skincare products can also be a cause of pimples. People should use the right products for their skin type; someone who is prone to breakouts should use clarifying or noncomedogenic moisturizers and cosmetics, which are designed to not clog the pores. Pimples also usually decrease as a person ages because the skin produces less oil.


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Post 23

Diet is so important for overall health that I hate seeing it pitched to teens as a way to prevent pimples. When they don't see clearer skin as a result, they lose motivation for eating properly.

Post 22

Stop using ordinary makeup! It contains chemicals that might be harmful to your skin or you might be allergic to some of them and yeah, you are just 13. It's way too risky to use make up at this age. Use natural makeup.

Post 21

I had really bad acne since I was 12. Now I am 16 years old, and I went to my GP, and she prescribed an amazing product called Duac. Almost all my spots went, although I have the occasional one here and there.

Post 20

Use niko soap. It will clear the skin of dirt and blackheads. Apply cleanguard cream after washing your face and it will clear the pimples.

Post 19

I have too many pimples and I am only 13 years old. I also tried to consult a dermatologist and she suggested me to undergo a facial therapy, but still... I have many pimples. What am I going to do?

Post 18

Good idea to close pores with cold water. I do that every morning, and then after my face dries, I use the Mattify's Ultra Face Powder before I put my makeup on. Doing this has made my acne go WAY down.

I always use the St Ives scrub to remove makeup at the end of the day. This does a good job at getting all the nasty stuff out of my pores. I finish by rinsing with a face wash that has tea tree oil in it, but I can't remember the name of it at the moment.

Post 17

i am 41 years old. i use cucumber for a mask. Do i need to use a product to prevent pimples?

Post 16

I'm 12 so i went to the dermatologist and my doctor told me to get cetaphil and the moisturizer, but since cetaphil doesn't clear up acne he gave me some samples of Zania. I put it wherever i thought i would get acne and after two weeks it cleared up all of my acne. after using it, it cleared up all acne for good and all the types of it too. i legitimately have no acne!

Post 15

I'm almost 16 years old and I've barely had an pimples problems until I began school this year. I've been getting pimples everywhere like crazy, but I haven't stopped using my regular facewash (Clearasil) and I haven't changed what I eat. Should I try using a new facewash or something?

Post 14

I'm Raiden and I'm 23 years old. Over the past eight or nine years of my life, i have been hit with the "Pimple Cupid" and it really stinks. Lowers your self-esteem and makes you very unsociable.

I really hate acne. Who doesn't? Last month, i tried Clean and clear rapid clear, and i applied it morning and night after washing my face with proactiv. My face is now glowing for doing it for about three weeks. No scars, no tiny dots left behind! Worked amazingly. Try it and get a refund if you don't love it. I love it, and most possibly you will!

Post 13

I have had pimples since i was 8 and I'm 13 now. i have all sorts: black heads, white heads, and even some larger, like ones during my period. i have confirmed with a dermatologist that it's not acne, but i feel like the things he gave me aren't working well.

he won't give me anything stronger because he doesn't want my face to have an allergic reaction. what should i do? I'm even being made fun of and my confidence is hitting rock bottom. help!

Post 9

just wash your face with water. don't use strong soaps or facial wash, and just avoid dirt.

Post 8

My age is 21. I have small pimples almost all over my face. I have been suffering from this problem for the last five or six years and have consulted many doctors and dermatologist but they are just fools and nothing else. I did take them seriously also, but no result. so what to do?

Post 7

what are good drugstore products that work for preventing and helping clear pimples? I'm 15 and I've had pimples since i was 10. It's not acne, a dermatologist confirmed that, but i would like some inexpensive drugstore products that might help. thanks!

Post 5

applying face wash and taking wash every time. also applying creams.

Post 4

They might. Mine do.

Post 3

@mynn - No, but they can sting if you scratch at them.

Post 1

Cool, do pimples itch?

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