What are Some Ways I can Pacify a Baby?

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Infants don't have the ability to regulate their emotions by themselves. They will cry and fuss until someone picks them up and soothes them. Until they are able to talk, or communicate in other ways, it is basically a guessing game to figure out what will make them happy. There are several things you can try in your attempt to pacify your baby.

Babies often cry because they are hungry. Unlike older children, a baby can't just say that she is hungry. As soon as she cries, try to feed her. If she instantly latches on to your breast, or bottle, she was probably hungry. When your baby turns her head the other way, it is usually a sign that she isn't interested in eating.

Check your baby's diaper if he didn't appear to be hungry. Most babies will cry when they have had a bowel movement. Some babies don't even like it when their diaper is the slightest bit wet. Change his diaper and see if he is content.

To pacify babies that have a strong desire to suck, try a pacifier. Pacifiers, also known as binkies, are meant to satisfy babies with an intense oral fixation. The act of sucking soothes most babies, which is why they often fall asleep when eating. If your baby seems to eat a lot more than most, he may just need a binky.


You can pacify some babies by rocking them. Many babies love to be rocked, as it simulates the movement they felt in the womb. It is very relaxing and may instantly quiet fussy babies. Rock your baby in a comfortable chair away from the noise in the house. Try singing a nursery rhyme if it soothes your baby.

Pacify your active baby by taking her on a walk. High-energy babies may enjoy the pace of a brisk walk, whether in a stroller or a back pack. Fresh air is recommended to soothe babies with colic as well. If you are feeling uptight from your baby's fussing, a brisk walk might also make you feel better.

If your baby is fussing in the evening time, try to pacify him with a warm, lavender-scented bath. It is especially soothing to your baby if you take a bath with him and he feels you relax. Some babies get cranky if they are congested and warm water will help to clear his sinuses.

There is a long list of reasons your baby may get cranky. Just as you are affected by things during the day, so is your baby. With time, you will learn to recognize your baby's cues and be able to pacify her easily.


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