What are Some Upset Stomach Remedies?

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An upset stomach is something that no one is ever happy to experience. It can interrupt our everyday life without warning, sometimes for no apparent reason. With the different upset stomach remedies available, it is usually not something we have to endure for long.

While there are many reasons a person can develop an upset stomach, there are also a few ways to avoid one. Eating too much can cause a stomach to become upset. Having too much fat intake trips a sensor in our brain that causes nausea. So while the convenient fast food meal might seem tasty at the time, it may not be worth the feeling we experience afterward.

Too much fat not only trips the brain sensors, but it also weakens our lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The LES is the flap at the bottom of the esophagus that covers the stomach and keeps our food and drink inside the stomach while it is being digested. Weakening this muscle will cause it to open back up anytime there is pressure on the stomach, forcing food and stomach acid back into the esophagus. Several problems can occur when that happens from heartburn and indigestion to permanently damaging the esophagus.


Non-medicinal upset stomach remedies are usually found in our homes on a regular basis, making them convenient to use. On most days we can probably find bread or a can of soup somewhere in the kitchen cabinets. Eating bland foods such as toast or bland soups and broths is a great way to calm an upset stomach. A temporary fast -- not eating any food at all -- will help a stomach to recover quicker as well.

Herbal upset stomach remedies can be found in about any supermarket that carries vitamins and herbs or in a nutrition store. Ginger is a great herb for calming nausea. Fresh ginger is too strong and spicy for many people, but drinking it in a tea would be reasonable. Catnip tea calms the digestive system and helps to eliminate nausea. Peppermint and spearmint teas are especially nice because they have a taste which is pleasant to most people.

While there are a number of over-the-counter upset stomach remedies available, the most famous one is definitely Pepto-Bismol®. Pepto-Bismol® is known for its pink color and distinctive taste. It can be bought in the form of chewable tablets or a liquid. Pepto-Bismol® is great for relieving discomforts throughout the entire stomach area and gastrointestinal tract.

There are several options to choose from when trying to alleviate an upset stomach. A person can either decide to use a remedy they may find at home or purchase something from a store.


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Post 4

Peppermint makes heartburn worse. The doctors gave it to me for my son when he was just a baby, and made him worse, but I didn't know it at the time.

You would think someone would test it for colic, heartburn etc. first! I still see sites that say use it for heartburn. Geez. Helene, it makes me nauseated too.

Post 3

@helene55, Pepto-bismol makes me sick. I think some of these remedies just don't work well for some people. I don't know why, something genetic I suppose. I also like ginger tea, though. Good to know it can help my stomach.

Post 2

Another medicinal help for stomachs is ibuprofen, though this can be good or bad. A little bit now and then can help bloating caused by something else, because ibuprofen is an anti inflammatory; at the same time, too much ibuprofen on a regular basis can do serious damage to your esophageal lining and cause even more problems for your stomach down the road.

Post 1

I actually get nausea from drinking peppermint tea, as illogical as that sounds. People often recommend it to me, because I have several stomach problems, but even the smell makes me a little sick. I did just discover ginger tea a little while ago, though, so I think that will become one of my go-to home remedies for upset stomach instead.

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