What are Some Tourist Attractions in Spokane, Washington?

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Spokane, Washington is a beautiful city with over 200,000 inhabitants. Located on the Spokane River, the city covers an area of 58.5 sq mi (151.6 kmĀ²). Partially destroyed by a fire in 1899, the city quickly recovered and is now one of the most modern areas in the state of Washington.

Most of the tourist attractions in Spokane have to do with green areas. There are 75 parks in the city of Spokane, many of which are located on the waterfront. The most notable park is Palisades Park, a natural preserve that covers an area of 464-acres. Riverfront Park and Riverside State Park offer some of the best water views and are often home to musical festivals and other large events. Both parks offer water rides, rafting, and outdoor cafes. Most of the smaller parks in the city offer hiking and bike trails, golf courses, and classic gardens.

The tourist attractions in Spokane also extend to camping in summer and cross-country skiing in winter, with many of the local parks offering trails. For those visiting the area with children, the Cat Tale Endangered Species Park is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Spokane. Located just out of the city, the park is home to many rescued big cats, most of them abused or abandoned.


Tourist attractions in Spokane also include numerous festivals throughout the year. May sees the Lilac Bloomsday Run, one of the world's largest urban races; while June and July offer visitors a chance to step into the past by visiting the Northwest Renaissance Festival. September is the month of the Pig-Out In The Park food festival and the Tour Des Lacs bike race that starts in Spokane and ends 200 miles away.

Carr's One of a Kind in the World Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spokane. The museum houses many celebrity automobiles and related memorabilia, including those belonging to Elvis Presley, Jackie Gleason, and JFK. Visitors are encouraged to touch, step on, and try the cars, and the museum is particularly popular with fans of the stars. The Mobius Science Center is another well-known of the many tourist attractions in Spokane. Mobius Kids is the largest part of the museum, featuring hands-on exhibits for kids under 10.


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And don't forget about the nationally ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs mens basketball team. They're a big source of pride for Spokane.

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