What are Some Tourist Attractions in Houston, Texas?

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There are many tourist attractions in Houston, Texas, which can thrill, delight, educate, or promote relaxation. Houston is the fourth largest city in the US, so activities can be found both for day and night. It’s unlikely you’ll find yourself bored visiting this city.

One of the main tourist attractions in Houston, Texas is the Houston Space Center, which through a variety of exhibits chronicles the history of the NASA Space Program. If you are interested in the stars and our space travels thus far, this is a perfect place to visit. There are theaters, tours, a gallery of astronauts, and terrific kid’s activities. You’ll find interest and adventure for the whole family at this museum. The Space Center is open seven days a week, and may have extended hours during the summer months. It may even have longer hours on holidays, but always check before you go to be sure all the exhibits are open.

Though the famous Astroworld is now closed, there are numerous amusement parks to visit in and around the Houston area. One of the most famous of these is Schlitterbahn, in Galveston. Schlitterbahn is a veritable oasis of water rides, pools, slides and activities. It provides a great way to escape the heat in the summer months, and is open year round with indoor facilities during the cooler months. Alternately, visit the Funplex, one of most diverse tourist attractions in Houston, offering mall shopping, movie theaters, and amusement park rides.


If watching wildlife is your favorite thing to do, there are a number of tourist attractions in Houston or the surrounding area, which will definitely satisfy. The Downtown Aquarium, features 400 different marine creatures, with a massive 150,000-gallon center aquarium. The Houston Zoo has over 4000 animals to visit, and the Armand Bayou Center in nearby Pasadena features 2500 acres of true Texas wildlife, native plants, and hiking opportunities.

Houston’s proximity to the water provides some wonderful activities. At the Port of Houston, you can take ferry rides, and watch ships dock and unload. Alternately, head underground for a subterranean tour of a network of tunnels underlying the city.

Houston is known as a patron of the arts, and the sheer number of museums certainly supports this title. You can visit museums of both contemporary and fine art. The Museum of Natural Science remains one of the delightful tourist attractions in Houston and a favorite of city residents. Numerous historical museums catalog the rise of the west, the growth of railroads, progress in health care, and the Holocaust. In all you can visit over 20 museums in Houston, which can take up quite a bit of time.

One of the most eclectic museums in Houston is the Orange Show, 3000 square feet of amazing architecture, which includes numerous places to stop and learn about local and rural art. You’ll find you can spend hours visiting this unique outdoor facility with its mazelike structure. Do plan to visit this in the morning, when temperatures are cooler if you plan to visit Houston during the summer months.


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