What are Some Topics That You Should Not Discuss at Work?

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When working at one place for awhile, you may feel secure enough to chat with your coworkers about personal matters. As much as you may want to, there are certain topics that you should not discuss at work. You could end up saving yourself quite a bit of trouble down the road if you keep your place of employment for generic topics only.

One of the topics you should not discuss is your sex life. While you may feel comfortable talking about sex, your coworkers may not. You may mean it as simple conversation, but a coworker may perceive it as sexual harassment. In addition, your partner may not be thrilled with you spilling the most intimate details of your sex life for all willing or unwilling ears to hear.

If you are thinking about leaving your job, don't discuss it at work. You don’t want any hard feelings to arise if your boss finds out, especially if you are planning on getting a reference from him or her in the future. You should keep your plans quiet until you are ready to quit and you are absolutely sure that you’re leaving.


Another one of the topics that you should not discuss at work is how you feel about your coworkers who you don’t necessarily get along with. Not only will it possibly create tension in the workplace, but it may portray you in a negative light. You should be more worried about how you are perceived as opposed to talking about issues that you have with your coworker.

Not everyone is thrilled with where they work, and you may be one of them. No matter how much you dislike your job, avoid telling others at work. You could end up coming off as a complainer and may even be perceived as someone who isn’t a team player. Also, your boss wouldn’t be too happy to hear that you’re badmouthing the place that puts money in your pocket.

How much you, or someone else in your office, earn is one of the topics that you should not discuss at work. Even if you know how much a coworker makes, you should keep this information private. How much one person earns over another in the workplace can be a touchy subject. The information, if talked about, could create a feeling of negativity in the office.

In order to prevent possible problems and issues from developing at work, you should keep your personal life private. You may feel inclined to share personal information, but there are plenty of topics that you can discuss that are safe for the workplace. You have to go to the office almost every day; it may as well be as pleasant a place to be as possible.


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