What are Some Symptoms of Colon Cancer?

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Colon cancer is a serious condition that can lead to a decreased quality of life and even to the occurrence of death. One of the ways that it is possible to detect the development of colon cancer early on is to be aware of the common symptoms of colon cancer. Doing so makes it possible to seek the proper health care while the cancer is in its early stages, thus greatly enhancing the chances for recovery.

One of the most common symptoms of colon cancer is the presence of bloody stool. This is because the tumors that form in the colon have a tendency to bleed. While the amount of blood released with this type of cancer is not prolific, it is usually enough to color the stool and show up in the waste. When the tumor is located well within the colon, the blood may appear almost black. However, if the tumor is growing at the end of the colon, there is a good chance it will give the waste a bright red appearance.


Two colon cancer symptoms that sometimes go hand in hand is an unexplainable weight loss accompanied by a sense of being constantly full. While these two symptoms of colon cancer do not have to be present at the same time, they often do tend to appear in conjunction with one another. If the individual has made no recent changes in dietary habits or increased the level of physical activity, the weight loss could be a sign that the cancer is depleting the resources of the body. The presence of the tumor in the colon causes the full feeling, which over time will discourage the individual from eating enough food to nourish the body. When this happens, the weight loss will continue to accelerate.

Constipation is also another of the more common symptoms of colon cancer. Defined as the failure to have a bowel movement at least three times a week, the constipation may be a sign that a tumor is growing near the end of the colon, preventing waste from passing through the system properly. Because the constipation is caused by a blockage, taking over the counter products will do little to nothing to help with the condition.

A general sense of apathy or lethargy is often included in the symptoms for colon cancer. When the individual begins to have no energy to perform even routine tasks and exhibits no interest in getting out and engaging in activities that used to be highly desirable, this change in demeanor may be due to the presence of cancers in the colon. This is especially true if the individual has not recently undergone a life crisis such as a job loss or the breakdown of a relationship. When there appears to be no other cause for the apathy and lethargy, colon cancer may be the origin of the problem.

Various problems with digestion and stomach discomfort are also symptoms of colon cancer. Constantly feeling nauseated for no apparent reason, especially if accompanied by regurgitation, may indicate the development of a cancer in the colon. In like manner, constantly having gas or feeling bloated even when no food has been consumed for several hours may be due to the presence of a tumor.

While all the symptoms of colon cancer are also common symptoms with other health issues, none of these symptoms should be taken lightly. Seek medical attention soon after the symptoms appear. In the event that colon cancer is present, the chances for recovering are much greater if the cancer is caught in the early stages.


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I have had a problem with being constipated, only passing waste about 1 or 2 times a week at very small amounts but I have noticed if I drink alcohol heavily on Friday night I will be having a large passage of waste. Anybody have similar problems ?

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