What are Some Simple Updos?

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An updo can serve as both a fashionable and functional hairstyle, creating an elegant look that keeps the hair off the face and out of the way. For those who enjoy the benefits of upswept hair without the stiff look of a formal updo, simple updos can be a great alternative. Unlike formal updos, simple updos can be achieved using less hair styling products, accessories, and overall styling time. A simple updo is one of the most versatile hairstyles, as it goes with both casual and formal outfits.

One of the most popular types of simple updos is the casual French twist. This style can be achieved by gathering the hair at the nape of the neck, twisting the strands upward, and securing at the back of the head with a hair accessory. Unlike a formal French twist or chignon, the hair in this style is loosely gathered and may feature stray strands framing the face or at the back. Some of the best types of hair accessories to secure this simple updo include jaw hair clips, hair chopsticks, and spring-latch clips. The most important thing to consider when choosing the right hair accessory for simple updos is the volume of hair they can hold: if the hair is too thick, the clip may pop open, and if the hair is too fine, the clip may slip through.

“Messy” buns are also popular amongst the different types of simple updos. A messy bun can be achieved by following the first few steps of making a simple ponytail but leaving out the last step of tugging the end part of the hair through the elastic. This gathers the hair into a loose updo which is most easily achieved with thick or curly hair. For fine hair, smaller elastics are best used to create a messy bun, and bobby pins or other barrettes may also be necessary to support the hair and keep the bun from falling down.

Certain types of simple updos can be created from a basic ponytail. One way to transform a ponytail into an updo is to lift the ponytail up and secure the ends to the back of the hair. The elastic can then be pushed up and hidden under the clip or barrette used to secure the hair. Another way to transform a ponytail into an updo is to tuck the end strands of the ponytail into the space between the elastic and the back of the head, creating a “knot.” This style is most easily achieved with wavy or curly hair, which creates the resistance needed to secure the ponytail so that it doesn’t slip through the knot.

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