What are Some Savory Dishes That can be Made with Chocolate?

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Savory dishes made with chocolate can be found in the cuisines of Europe and Latin America, but are more rare in North American cuisine. A growing interest in working with chocolate as an ingredient has led to an increase in savory dishes made with chocolate at restaurants and in home kitchens in the United States. When working with chocolate in a savory dish, it is important to acquire high quality unsweetened chocolate. Stay away from milk chocolate or sweetened chocolates, which may have an unpleasant impact on your dish. You may also want to experiment on your own before serving savory dishes made with chocolate to guests.

One of the most classic savory dishes made with chocolate is mole, a Mexican sauce classically served with chicken. Mole uses a base of tomatoes and spices mixed with chilies and chocolate. The interaction of flavors between chilies and chocolate is used in Southwestern cuisine as well. Mole can come in a variety of colors and with different concentrations of chocolate, but the sauce tends to be rich and thick as a result of the introduction of chocolate. To find mole recipes, trying searching for “mole” in your favorite search engine.


Salads with sweet ingredients like beets and creamy cheeses can benefit from a sprinkling of cocoa or a chocolate vinaigrette. In addition to using cocoa in these savory dishes made with chocolate, you could also use cocoa nibs. Cocoa nibs are the pure source of chocolate, and they have a rich, nutty, slightly bitter flavor which can go well with many dishes. Cocoa nibs can be broken into chunks and mixed with goat cheese for a unique cheese spread, or sprinkled on top of foods for an injection of chocolate flavor. You can also shave unsweetened chocolate onto dishes such as salads and roasts.

Cocoa can act as a thickener, and is a great addition to sauces and glazes. A small amount of cocoa can go a long way in savory dishes made with chocolate: try making beans with chocolate and chipotle chilies for a Southwestern feel. Pork and roasts can be served with a chocolate glaze, or you can decorate onion tarts with a drizzle of unsweetened chocolate sauce. You can also integrate chocolate products into seared seafood, creating a crust with cocoa and other ingredients which will complement it, such as chilies. Chocolate can also be integrated into fillings for savory tarts, filled pasta, or stuffed roasts.

As can be seen, savory dishes made with chocolate are limited only by the imagination of the cook. Start out by using chocolate in small amounts, so that it is not overwhelming, and take notes when you make mistakes or create an unusually delicious dish. Try not to bore frequent visitors with savory dishes made with chocolate, and use chocolate as a rare and fun ingredient, rather than a frequent one.


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I think you will be surprised at how well you will like using chocolate in these kinds of recipes Heavanet. It has the tendency to give dishes a little extra richness in flavor and texture. I like to add chocolate to my favorite baked bean recipe. Everyone who has tasted it loves it, but can never guess what the secret ingredient is that gives it such great flavor.

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This article has some very interesting recipes that I would never have thought to use chocolate in. Since I love chocolate, I think I will try experimenting with using it in dishes like meat sauces and sprinkled in salads.

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