What are Some Quick Meal Ideas Using Cabbage?

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Cabbage is an extremely nutritious vegetable. It's not only high in Vitamin C and potassium, but is also a good source of fiber. Many people use it for coleslaw and cabbage rolls, but there are many other meal ideas using cabbage that take only a few minutes to prepare.

If you use a sharp knife and slice cabbage very thin, you can place the raw cabbage into sandwiches, such as a Reuben or a submarine, to heat in the oven. It's a good idea to cover the cabbage well with cheese and to take care not to have pieces of cabbage sticking out from the sandwich. Drier pieces of cabbage may begin to blacken in the oven. When the cheese is melted, you can add sliced tomatoes, meat or olives before you close the bread halves, slice and eat. Meal ideas using cabbage in hot sandwiches are easy to think of if you use healthy foods you enjoy.


For extra flavor and nutrition, you can also add very finely shredded raw cabbage to favorite dishes such as macaroni and cheese. You may want to add the cabbage and chopped fresh tomato along with a sprinkling of pepper to the macaroni and cheese a few minutes before serving. Healthy meal ideas using cabbage can be as simple as substituting cabbage for lettuce. You can also use both such as if you blend some finely shredded cabbage in with the lettuce in tacos or taco salad. The addition of cabbage gives an extra boost of nutrients and fiber.

You can also look to rice and pasta dishes for great meal ideas using cabbage. Leftover chili reheated with some shredded cabbage can make a meal when you serve it over hot, cooked rice. A hot, nutritious and delicious lunch or dinner can be as easy as reheating cooked pasta or rice with finely shredded cabbage and adding grated cheese when the mixture is off the heat. Try adding raw cabbage in bite size pieces, along with tofu in cubes, to the last few minutes of the cooking time of ramen noodles. The cabbage should still be fairly crunchy add the tofu also doesn't require much cooking time.


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Post 2

Yum! That really sounds good, Sputnik. I will have to try it. I like the idea of boiling the potatoes along with the shredded cabbage. I usually like my cabbage pretty crunchy though, but this would be good as a real comfort-type food. Plus, you've used really flavorful ingredients that are easy to have on hand. Thanks for the recipe!

Post 1

Here is a different recipe for cabbage. It works well with regular green cabbage or savoy cabbage. After shredding a head of cabbage i put it in water to boil. I peel a few potatoes and add to cabbage. Once the potatoes are done I drain the water out. In the meantime I thinly slice some bacon. I might use just a little for flavor and add oil to reduce saturated fat amount, and saute it with thinly sliced onions.

When done, potatoes and cabbage are added to the pan. I mash the potatoes and cabbage together, add salt and pepper. Voila, a new version of mashed potatoes. Adding finely chopped garlic to the onion bacon mixture improves the flavor too.

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