What are Some Outdoor Activities in Jacksonville, Florida?

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You're not likely to run out of outdoor activities in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville has the biggest system of city parks in the United States. Plus, Jacksonville is on the St. John's River and is known for its scenic beauty, coastal location and water sports.

Jacksonville's many lakes and marshes are popular places for kayaking and boating. Boating and sport fishing are especially well-known outdoor activities in Jacksonville's Neptune Beach area, as well as on Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville Beach. The Jacksonville Beach boardwalk is often quite busy, while the Talbot Islands are said to have quieter waterfront areas in general.

The St. Andrews State Recreation Area is popular for its white sandy beaches. Swimming, canoeing and diving are some of the common outdoor activities in Jacksonville's St. Andrews State Recreation Area. Waterfront camping, picnicking and hiking are also popular activities here.

Riverwalk offers nice views of Jacksonville's downtown area and the St. John's River. The view is especially popular during the evenings under the glow of the city's lights. Many eateries, bars and museums are located right near Riverwalk. One of the most popular outdoor activities in Jacksonville's Riverwalk area is taking a boat ride across the water when the riverboats are running.


Walking through trails and viewing large oaks and pines at Tree Hill is one of the best outdoor activities in Jacksonville for tree lovers. Tree Hill is a pleasant green space with streams. Educational materials about the forest and Florida's natural environments are often available at the education center. The education center at Tree Hill usually has year-round events and activities.

Hiking, horseback riding and kayaking are some of the many popular outdoor activities in Jacksonville's Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. The Timucuan is devoted to preserving the coastal wetlands in Jacksonville. The Theodore Roosevelt area of the Preserve is known for quiet trails and wildlife-filled grasslands.


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