What are Some of the Best Inventions?

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The list of best inventions changes from person to person. It can also vary according to country and region. People tend to believe that their favorite or most used items are some of the best inventions ever made, and they might very well be. Even though everyone’s list of the best inventions ever varies, there are some items that generally appear on a large number of lists. These items are well-used, and they are considered among the best inventions ever created.

When some people hear the word invention, they think of three of the most used items in today’s society. These things are also three of the top inventions that changed society, and they allowed it to morph into what it is today. These inventions are the automobile, the light bulb and the telephone.

The gas-powered automobile was invented in 1885 by Karl Benz. It was after that time that other individuals, like Henry Ford, began to make advancements on the automobile. These first gas powered machines evolved into what everyone drives today. While some people may not know the name of the creator of the automobile, it is common knowledge that the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in the 1800s. Many people are also aware that the father of the telephone was Alexander Grand Bell. All three of these inventions helped to our society to grow into what it is today.


Other great inventions include: the cell phone, the hanger and the disposable diaper. In fact, some people may call these inventions some of the best inventions ever created. Their popularity is as a result of their high level of use, and their convenience.

The cell phone, hanger and disposable diaper are used every day, and they are sometimes used multiple times every day. The first cell phone was created by Motorola in 1973. It weighed a heavy 30 ounces (.8505 kg). Besides its weight, it also had a hefty retail price at around $3500 US Dollars when it was introduced.

Another great invention was the hanger. Before the hanger was invented people folded their clothes, or they would hang clothing on hooks. In 1869 OA North invented the wooden hanger. It was followed in 1903 by the wire hanger, but it was invented by a different individual. Just who created the wire hanger is a debatable topic. Some people believe it was Albert J. Parkhouse, while others credit Charles L. Patterson with the invention.

Despite the glory of the automobile, the light bulb, the telephone, the cell phone and the hanger, countless parents everywhere would surely name the disposable diaper as one of the best inventions. The diaper was created in 1950. Marion Donovan created the disposable diaper, and it was actually a cloth diaper with a disposable insert. This style of cloth/disposable diaper is still being used today.


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