What are Some Odd Types of Candy That Have Been Manufactured?

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When looking for odd types of candy, you don't have to go far. A well stocked mega mart or even your corner drug store probably stocks goodies like Chewy Candy Tongues and Sour Patch Kids. You might be able to purchase your own mad scientist lab to create concoctions of unusual candy.

Some of the best odd types of candy find their way to shelves during Halloween. Wormz 'N Dirt, Wax Lips, Gumi Band-Aids, Buzzard Nests, Gummy Bats and Crazy Brain Juice, just to name a few. There's even a lollipop called Blood Suckers.

There's an odd fascination with body parts and oozing body parts and they are very odd types of candy indeed. Dr. Scab's Monster Lab has some strange candy including candy ears with hair sticking out of them. If Dr. Scab isn't enough hair for you, try Crazy Hair and let your tongue be the barber. Body Slime Eyeball or Ear let you control the candy ooze from the hand held body part of your choice.


Popular culture has its own little corner of odd types of candy. Bookstores all over the U.S. are still well stocked with Harry Potter Bertie Botts' Beans which included such sugar filled delights as booger, vomit, earwax, and dirt. It doesn't stop there. One candy manufacturer makes Jurassic Dinosaur DNA candy. Next time you're out hunting for UFOs be sure to bring along some Alien Ice Cream. You can even sing to your alien friends with an American Idol Pop microphone.

Odd types of candy are taken to a whole new level with sour candies. Revolting Sour Squirt, Sliquid, Sour Suds and even Candy Foam are lip-puckering favorites reserved for the bravest candy tasters. Toxic Waste, a candy so sour it has a rating system on the package, wasn't what old wives were thinking about when they recommended sour candy for pregnant women.

People all over the world have been creating odd types of candy for... well, probably as long as people have been eating candy. Marzipan is a great example of a candy that was molded into all sorts of shapes, but it's most famous for impersonating fruit. Sensual treats like Chocolate Passion Drops, commonly called Nipples of Venus, are still a decadent treat and were featured in the movie Amadeus.

As candy has movedinto the 21st century you can find such odd types of candy as healthy candy loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. You'll find bolder, stranger, and stronger flavors like cayenne with chocolate. Candy taken from your favorite books and movies are more popular, not to mention all the delights to be found in the booming novelty candy market.


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Post 2

I like to go online and look at retro and nostalgic candy websites. They usually have some odd types of candy, like candy cigarettes and wax lips. There are all sorts of penny candy selections that I'll bet kids today would find weird, too. Sometimes I'll point out some really old types of candy to my wife and she'll call it "Old People Candy".

To me, old people candy was the stuff that grandparents put in their candy bowls for guests. There were the white nougat candies with the bits of dried or jellied fruit in them. There were also haystacks made with white chocolate, and caramels with a white cream swirl. This was old people candy. Personally, I

think the orange Circus Peanuts were an odd candy. They always taste stale to me, and I've heard that some people like it that way. They will deliberately let the Circus Peanuts dry out in the air for days before eating them.
Post 1

One odd type of candy I found at a European grocery store was a lollipop candy that contained real insects. I think it was mostly grasshoppers and ants, both of which I knew were actually safe to eat. I bought a few just to freak out the rest of my family, but none of us ever tried to eat them.

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