What are Some Niacin Rich Foods?

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Niacin, or vitamin B3, is a water-soluble nutrient that is necessary for the proper function of many different systems in the body. The presence of niacin as nicotinic acid aids in flushing excess cholesterol from the bloodstream, keeping eyes healthy, and even in helping to regulate the function of the central nervous system. Fortunately, there are a number of niacin rich foods that make it easy to obtain the minimum amount required daily to keep the body and mind healthy.

When it comes to niacin rich foods, consumption of many types of fish is an easy and tasty way to obtain significant amounts of vitamin B3. Chicken is also a good source of this essential nutrient. With both fish and chicken, it is possible to boost niacin intake by choosing to broil rather than fry the food, and use niacin rich herbs like parsley as seasoning.

Several grains are among the many niacin rich foods available. Barley, wheat and brown rice are excellent options when it comes to ensuring that the daily intake of niacin is sufficient. In like manner, cereals that are made with rice or wheat bran typically contain significant amounts of niacin. Whole milk can be consumed with these cereals, which helps to increase the intake of vitamin B3 at breakfast time.


Many green vegetables are among the roster of niacin rich foods. Generally, dark green vegetables like kale, collards, and turnip greens are excellent choices. People who enjoy broccoli can also be confident that they are taking in a decent amount of vitamin B3. Additional niacin is obtained when serving those green vegetables with pinto or kidney beans. As a bonus, all these foods also contain varying amounts of other B vitamins, which is likely to increase the effectiveness of the niacin content.

Even snack time is a good time to enjoy niacin rich foods. Dried red peppers can be used to season popcorn, providing a nice source of fiber that is enhanced with the presence of niacin in the peppers. Peanuts that are consumed along with the skins also provide a dose of niacin. For variety, try munching on some sunflower seeds or even some sesame seeds.

Consuming niacin rich foods is important if one is to avoid experiencing a niacin deficiency. Even though small amounts of vitamin B3 are stored in the liver, the body requires much more of this important vitamin on a daily basis. Signs that niacin levels are low may include an increase in blood pressure, backaches, decreasing ability to deal with stress effectively, and even leg cramps. By eating a balanced diet that includes several niacin rich foods along with other nutrient rich foods, the chances of living longer and enjoying life more are greatly increased.


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Post 3

Most people don't know that one of their favorite drinks, coffee, has lots of niacin. I'm not recommending that people drink coffee all day, but this is a good enough reason not to skip the morning cup of coffee. Overdoing it will cause problems due to the caffeine like difficulty sleeping, jitters, anxiety, etc.

Someone having a whole grain cereal with milk and a cup of coffee alongside is getting a nice dose of niacin. Sesame seeds also have niacin, so a sesame seed bun or a gyro with tahini sauce for lunch are good sources as well.

Post 2

@discographer-- Meats have the highest amounts of niacin. If you eat meat, you do have quite a few options. If not fish, you can have chicken or beef. I'm a vegetarian so getting more niacin through food has been more of a problem for me. But I am eating lots of nuts, especially sunflower seeds and also avocados. I have an avocado every day, either by itself or in salads. Green peas also has lots of niacin and I did get some from the farmer's market last week.

Post 1

My doctor recommended niacin for my moderately high cholesterol. I turned towards supplements first as an easy source of niacin. But unfortunately, those supplements cause a lot of side effects, the main one being flushing. It makes me totally red.

So now I'm trying to get niacin through natural foods. Natural niacin doesn't have negative side effects like these. I'm not a huge fan of greens and fish but I'm making a serious effort to consume these regularly now. There has been a slight improvement in my cholesterol levels so I think I'm on the right track. I'll be sure to try some of the other food recommendations in this article. Thanks.

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