What are Some Morning Sickness Remedies?

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Two of the simplest morning sickness remedies are to eat and to get enough rest. Additionally, women may want to consider the times they eat and take their prenatal vitamins. When morning sickness is brought on by smells, essential oils may be helpful.

It is believed that rest may play a role in the illnesses pregnant women experience. One of the simplest morning sickness remedies, therefore, is to prevent fatigue. When women are pregnant, they tend to be more tired than they normally would be, but many try to resist the urge to rest. Instead of doing this, pregnant women should get a full night's sleep and take naps when they are needed.

For some women, prenatal vitamins are identified as the cause of their suffering. Some women, upon discovering this, choose not to continue taking the medication. This is generally not suggested by health care providers. Instead, it may prove helpful to take the vitamins at later times, such as before bed. It is also advisable to make sure they are taken after a hearty meal.


Eating is another of the basic morning sickness remedies that can have a significant positive impact on some pregnant women. Health professionals tend to agree that when women are suffering from morning sickness what they eat is not very important. What is important is keeping food in the stomach at all times. It is good to keep in mind, however, that high protein foods have been indicated as effective remedies for some women.

Pregnant women may be able to avoid morning sickness by eating basic foods in the morning. This includes items such as dry cereals or plain crackers. When women plan to use this tactic, they are often advised to eat when they wake up and before they attempt to get out of bed.

There are several natural morning sickness remedies. Some of them, such as ginger, are consumable. Ginger can be beneficial in almost any form as long as it is not imitation. Peppermint tea, long hailed as one of the best natural solutions for stomach problems, may also alleviate a woman's suffering.

There are natural supplements available as morning sickness remedies. These may contain a blend of herbs including ginger root, valerian root, and catnip. Each formulation, however, could be different. These may be available online or at a health food store.

Since smells are often a trigger for the nausea and vomiting, essential oils may be used as morning sickness remedies. These are often calming even when there are not obnoxious smells lingering in the air. For some women, however, they prove to be allies when nauseating odors need to be masked. Since it can take essential oils a bit of time to diffuse, it may be necessary to place the oil on a cloth and breathe it directly.


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