What are Some Low Carb Breakfasts?

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Low carb breakfasts are plentiful, though it should be noted that the low carb diet craze is not highly regarded by all doctors and nutritionists. You can avoid plenty of simple carbohydrates though and stick to breakfasts that mainly offer protein as opposed to things with simple starches. What you’ll want to avoid are most commercial breakfast cereals, especially since plenty of these not only have poor whole grain value but also have lots of sugar. Another thing to stay away from is baked goods or cereals made with very refined cereal grains.

Eggs are of course a natural when it comes to low carb breakfasts. You can make omelets, fried eggs, scrambled eggs or hard or soft-boiled eggs. Omelets with a bit of cheese or low fat meats can be an excellent choice.

If you really miss toast add some whole grain toast or toast bread made of soy. Breakfast meats like ham, bacon or sausage can be a good way to go too, but these are typically fairly high in fat. You can use some substitutes like soy sausages and turkey bacon if you want to reduce fat intake.


Dairy products offer other options for low carb breakfasts. Sprinkle cottage cheese with a little wheat germ for high protein and energy. Try yogurt sweetened with a small amount of fruit (and no sugar), or consider making a shake with fruit and yogurt. Sliced cheese melted on low carb bread can be a great morning low carb breakfast.

If you really miss cereal, there are some low carb cold and hot cereals available for those who want low carb breakfasts. You can make breakfast pudding, combining flax meal, ground almonds and eggs, which can then be microwaved. It should be noted that things like oatmeal, especially when made with whole oats, can be extremely healthful in many different ways.

If you’re into breakfast baked goods, you can find low carb version baking mixes of things like pancakes and muffins. These can be a good alternative to white flour mixes and can create numerous low carb breakfasts. Combine pancakes or muffins with a high protein serving from things like eggs or breakfast meats. Pancakes with a side of bacon or ham can be a deluxe low carb breakfast.

Alternately, it’s okay not to eat breakfast for breakfast. Consider some of the low carb lunch items you enjoy. If you want to have these for breakfast many of them are great alternatives to eggs, dairy products, baked goods, or cereals.


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Post 3

I eat a low carb cereal most mornings. It kind of looks and tastes like Cheerios but it has about half the carbs.

I will keep it up because I have been losing weight like crazy. Twelve pounds in just the first month. I like the cereal all right and I am finding it pretty easy to stick to the low carb diet in general.

Post 2

I tried the whole low carb thing and breakfast was surprisingly the meal that I struggled with the most. I tend to have a big appetite in the mornings and I always have to eat or I feel cranky for the whole morning. No matter how hard I tried I could not get used to eating a breakfast that did not have some grains in it somewhere.

The low carbohydrate breakfasts were never satisfying in the way I needed them to be. It was not really losing much weight and I figured if a diet makes you miserable it is probably not worth keeping up.

Post 1

I usually eat eggs and some fruit for breakfast. It is low carb and the fruit and eggs are both healthy. Starting the day with vitamin packed fruit and protein packed eggs are a great way to start the day and to avoid the sluggish heavy feeling that comes from eating a lot of carbs.

I can't believe what some people eat for breakfast. It seems like they end up eating a bout a half a loaf of bread there is so many carbs. Toast, pancakes and hash browns all on one plate.

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