What are Some Ideas for Using Shadow Box Frames?

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Shadow box frames offer greater versatility than ordinary picture frames. Their depth makes them like a miniature stage to hold items you want to display. Since you're not limited to print materials or even flat objects, the possibilities are endless. These frames make great displays to hold collections and showcase valuable items as well as offer creative space for little scenes.

Those who love miniatures can use shadow box frames to create interesting scenes. For example, a nursery or child's room is an excellent place to hang one that shows cute nursery scenes using miniature animal figures. Even something as simple as putting stuffed animals into a shadow box can make a cute accent in a child's room if the colors are coordinated with the room's overall decor.

When you use these frames to showcase valuable items, you are also helping to protect them from excessive dust. Rather than hanging breakables on the wall, however, you should consider placing the frames on display in a cabinet where they aren't likely to fall and ruin the contents. Plus, valuables displayed in a cabinet are less likely to be bumped and broken accidentally.


Shadow box frames hold many types of collections and the best part is that you can use as many frames as you need to hold your collection. You can even cover an entire wall with your collection and also leave wall space to add more frames as your collection grows. Dust is kept to a minimum and your whole collection can be neatly displayed so that you can see all of it at a glance. A wall of frames to hold your collection can also make your room look neater by having everything grouped in one place rather than spread out in pieces all over the room.

A good tip for using shadow box frames to display your treasures is to have them finished to compliment their contents without overpowering it. You want what is inside the frames to be noticed and not the frame. They should be a part of the overall look of your pieces without upstaging anything.


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