What are Some Ideas for Fourth of July Crafts?

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Are you looking for some fun ideas for Fourth of July crafts? You and your kids will like these cute, simple craft projects. Patriotic crafts don’t have to be expensive or difficult. These craft ideas are easy and affordable and even small children can do them.

Kids can begin making Fourth of July crafts by coming up with something red, white, and blue to wear for Independence Day. Crafts they can wear and show off are the best ones. Kids can sponge paint everything from canvas tennis shoes or flip flops to shirts, visors, beach bags and beach towels. Wearable crafts can be made from plain t-shirts or tank tops. Just cut blue and red ribbon and tie it into bows. Glue the bows onto a white shirt with fabric glue and allow to dry. Try blue and white on red or red and white on blue too.

Ankle bracelets or regular bracelets also make easy Fourth of July crafts. Cut a thin piece of ribbon about three times longer than it needs to be to wrap around your child’s ankle or wrist. Kids can thread red, white, and blue beads along the center of the ribbon. Tie a solid knot where the beads end then on the other end, leaving leftover ribbon on both sides. Use the remaining ribbon to tie the ankle bracelet onto your child’s ankle or wrist.


Kids will also have fun making Fourth of July crafts from craft foam. They can cut out stars and stripes with help from a grown-up, or you can pick up star cutouts and help them make stripes. Kids will also likely come up with some creative ideas of their own as well. Glue the shapes to a solid colored sheet of craft foam to make a background.

You can even make cute crafts using items you already have lying around. Help your child cut three boxes from saltines or cereal in half lengthwise. Paint them or cover them with paper. The first one should be blue and you can add white stars. The next two should have red and white stripes. Place them on the table side by side and fill with artificial or dried flowers. You can use crumbled newspaper in the bottom of each box to help keep the flowers in place. Add tissue paper on top to cover the newspaper.

What would Fourth of July crafts be without firecrackers? Not real ones of course, but almost as cool. Cut cardboard paper towel tubes in half, roll them in white glue and then in red glitter. When dry, stuff the tube with red tissue paper. Glue curling red ribbon to one end so it looks like it’s exploding. Use a chenille stem to make the fuse, sticking it through the center. Have fun making Fourth of July crafts!


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Regardless of the types of Fourth of July crafts you make, it is rewarding to take them to people who otherwise may not be able to celebrate the holiday. Hospital and nursing home patients love to get visitors, and treasure these types of items no matter what the occasion is.

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It is also fun to make Fourth of July crafts with kids that can be used to decorate indoors and outside for the holiday. This is also an inexpensive way to show your patriotism.

You can make red, white, and blue streamers with construction paper. Cut pieces of paper into strips, and glue them into circles, locking them together. When the kids are done, you can place the streamers throughout any room or sun porch where your Fourth of July celebration will take place.

Kids also enjoy drawing flags and stars that can be cut out and used to decorate. For an easy craft that can be used to decorate an outdoor area, gluing the flags and stars to sticks and placing them in the ground around throughout the yard is fun and festive.

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