What are Some Ideas for Father's Day Crafts?

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Are you looking for a great Father's Day craft idea? There are many simple father’s day crafts you can make. A great Father's Day craft provides something Dad can use and also shows that you put some thought and effort into his gift.

Cup or Can Insulator

You will need thick craft foam, scissors, and craft glue for this Father's Day craft. You may also want to pick up assorted decorative items, paint, markers, or glitter. Adult supervision is always recommended when cutting is involved.

Begin by wrapping a sheet of craft foam around a soda can to see how wide the foam should be. Mark it and cut it. Then cut the craft foam to the appropriate height. Glue the side seam and allow it to dry. It helps to stick some straight pins through the foam to hold it in place until the glue dries.

Trace one end of the foam cylinder onto remaining craft foam. Cut the circle out and glue it to the bottom of the cylinder. Allow to dry completely then decorate as desired.


Homemade Heating Pad

You will need soft fabric, scissors, thread or fabric glue, and a medium sized bag of rice for this Father's Day craft. Cut a square of fabric approximately 18” x 18” (45.7 centimeters). Fold in half lengthwise and secure the side and bottom edges by stitching or applying washable fabric glue. Turn the fabric right side out and fill about two thirds full of rice. Instant rice is not recommended.

For this Father's Day craft, you can add a few drops of essential oil or empty a peppermint teabag into the pack for fragrance, if you wish. Fold the top edges inward to make a smooth end and stitch or glue the top closed. To heat, place the bag of rice in the microwave for a minute or two until the desired level of heat is obtained. A towel should be used between skin and the heating pad. This Father's Day craft can also be used for a cool pack by placing it in the freezer instead of the microwave.

Remote Control Organizer

Does Dad ever lose the remote control? He won’t after you present him with this handy Father's Day craft. You will need two heavy terrycloth hand towels, scissors, needle and thread or washable fabric glue, and perhaps some trim or other decorative items.

Fold one towel in half and lay it flat on your work surface. Cut the second towel into squares or rectangles large enough to hold essential TV items such as the remote control(s), TV Guide, and anything else you think Dad would like to keep handy. Make sure to cut each pocket a bit larger than necessary so you can fold the edges over and still have plenty of room.

Lay the pockets on the first towel and arrange them so that everything will fit. It helps to set the remote and other items on the towel and then the pockets to ensure you have plenty of space and the items won’t overlap awkwardly. You can place pockets on both sides, if necessary, but leave room in the center of the towel as this part will cover the chair arm.

Make small marks where each pocket should go. Fold the edges of each pocket over and stitch or glue them to make smooth edges. Stitch or glue each pocket in place. If using glue, wait until it is dry then decorate as desired. Hang the towel over the arm of Dad’s favorite chair or the sofa.


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