What are Some Ideas for an Office Wardrobe for Women?

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An office wardrobe for women can help eliminate the problem of what to wear to work in the morning. Rather than being limiting, a pulled-together workable wardrobe can allow for many looks to be created from a few core pieces. A skirt suit or a pant suit, blouses, long and short sleeved tops, a sweater, a coat and another skirt or pair of pants can form the basis of a great office wardrobe for women.

If your office has casual Fridays, you can add a pair of dark denim jeans to your work wardrobe, but they should not be faded, worn-looking or torn in any way. A long sleeved top that presents as new is a great choice to wear with Friday jeans. In the summer a short sleeved top may be worn. Some offices don't allow tank tops and for the ones that do, straps should be stable and thicker rather than thin spaghetti straps. Of course, low cut tops should always be avoided at the office and shirts with logos on them should not usually be worn even on casual Fridays.


An office wardrobe for women can contain pants rather than skirts or vice versa or both depending on what the wearer prefers. Skirts should usually not be shorter than knee-length for office wear. For women who like skirts, a great wardrobe stretching idea is to find an office-appropriate skirt and blouse in a matching pattern. This way, the two pieces can be worn together to look like a dress or worn separately with other garments.

A good quality sweater can be worn with casual Friday gear as well as go over a blouse and pants or be worn under a suit jacket on a particularly cold day. If the main suit is made in a season-spanning wool fabric it can be worn any time of year. Belts and other accessories can add interest to the wardrobe pieces. A great-looking coat such as a trench coat or a camel hair type can finish off a tasteful office wardrobe for women.


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A professional wardrobe for women can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain. A fun way to change it up without spending money is to go to a swap party. You know, you take five items (clothing, belts, purses, shoes, jewelry) of your own and exchange for five items at the party. You come home with new (or like-new) items to recharge your working wardrobe.

It's been a popular party idea where I live and I've ended up with some beautiful pieces that I probably wouldn't have spent the money on at the store. I've even come home with some items my husband didn't believe were from the swap party.

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Another really great fashion tip for women is to buy a shift dress in black, navy or any other neutral like ivory or khaki. Combine it with different jackets or sweaters and belts to create several looks from one core piece.

I love dresses for other reasons; they are super comfortable and easy to go from day to evening wear by changing or adding the accessories. I keep different shoes in my car in case I want to go from lower heels during the day to a prettier, more feminine look for evening.

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