What are Some Ideas for an Office Wardrobe for Men?

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Having a wardrobe ready to mix and match to wear to the office can save a lot of time and frustration struggling to find something appropriate to put on each work day morning. The most important thing when creating an office wardrobe for men is to first be clear on what the particular workplace's dress code is and then shop within those guidelines. Depending on the office dress code, a workable business wardrobe for men could include a good suit, dress shirts, dress pants, dark denim jeans, casual shirts, a good sweater and a nice coat.

Of course, jeans should only be worn to offices that have casual Fridays and they should be good quality dark jeans without fading or worn spots. Casual shirts such as a polo shirt can be worn with Friday jeans. They must be in excellent condition and present as new. Polo shirts and neat-looking slacks are often a good choice for an office wardrobe for men who work in companies with a business casual dress code.


A good quality sweater, preferably in wool or another natural fabric to allow for comfort as well as a polished look, can be a useful addition to an office wardrobe for men. It can be worn over jeans or over suit pants and can be adjusted to suit the style and age of the wearer. For example, a younger man in a creative job may layer a sweater over a dress shirt with the hem of the shirt showing a little below the hem of the sweater, while an older man in a more conservative office may choose a classic cardigan or a pullover with his shirt collar showing at the neck.

A suit isn't always necessary in many office environments today, but when it is an office wardrobe for men should include the best quality suit that the wearer can afford. If bought carefully, a good suit can be worn to any occasion from a job interview to a nice dinner to a funeral. The look of the suit can be changed with different colored and patterned ties and dress shirts. A trench coat or a camel hair coat can be a nice finishing touch to an office wardrobe for men.


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@spotiche5- Men also need nice accessories to pull their professional office looks together. Ties, shoes, and jewelry can also be purchases at discount prices at many retail stores.

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Young professionals who are starting out on a budget shouldn't stress about spending too much on a complete office wardrobe. Several pairs of dress pants and dress shirts in neutral colors will look great, and can be mixed and matched to create a variety of looks.

Suits are probably the most expensive type of clothing that most professionals will need, and that need varies depending on the type of jobs they have. Many stores that sell suits offer specials on a regular basis, so those who need one or several should be able to save money while creating looks that are professional for office wear.

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