What are Some Hula-Hoop&Reg; Exercises?

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Exercising with a Hula-Hoop® is a great way to shed a few pounds while having fun at the same time. Hula-Hoops® are easy to find and are usually fairly inexpensive. You could exercise with Hula-Hoops® made for kids if you choose, or with a weighted Hula-Hoop® made for exercising. Weighted Hula-Hoops® are a bit larger, weigh around 2 pounds (907 grams) and rotate around the body a bit slower. Theoretically, this means they are easier to keep up around your hips so you don't have to constantly bend down and pick it up.

Hula-Hoop® exercises are great for strengthening your core muscles, the abdominals. It also works to strengthen your legs. Hooping is an aerobic exercise, meaning it burns fat and increases the heart rate. It is especially important to get aerobic exercise if you are trying to lose weight. Before you do any type of exercise, warm up with some stretches or a quick walk so you do not injure yourself.


The most basic Hula-Hoop® exercise you can do is to try to keep the Hula-Hoop® up around your waist while you rotate your hips. This is the way you've probably always played with Hula-Hoops® as a child, and while it is simple, it is very effective at strengthening your abs and slimming the waist. To increase the difficulty of the Hula-Hoop® exercises, try to increase the amount of time you spend exercising. In the beginning, you may only be able to exercise with the Hula-Hoop® for a few minutes, but as time goes by, you could work up to 20 or 30 minutes.

Another option is to add a second Hula-Hoop®, and try to keep both of them up. You could also try punching while you are doing the Hula-Hoop® exercises, because this will engage your arms and work out those muscles as well. Another option is to put on some music and try dancing while hooping. Another way to exercise your arms or legs is to place the Hula-Hoop® around one arm or one leg and then swing it in large circles. Make sure you have lots of space around you if you try this, though.

If you are having trouble keeping interested in the Hula-Hoop® exercises, it may be a good idea to purchase a fitness video. There are numerous fitness DVDs that offer a guided workout with Hula-Hoop® exercises. Even if you are not good at hooping right away, just the act of trying the Hula-Hoop® exercises will be a good workout.


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Post 2

@Cafe41 - I think that hula hoops fitness really does get your heart rate going and it is an excellent type of workout for your hips and core area in general. It is similar to jumping rope in that you have to keep the momentum going in order to continue to burn a lot of calories.

Both exercises can be frustrating because you frequently stop when the hula hoop falls or when your feet get caught up in the rope. I think that a hula hoop workout is fun, but if your aim is to burn calories then I would consider running for thirty minutes without stopping. This will help you burn a lot more calories.

Post 1

I think that doing a hula hoop workout is really fun. It is actually really hard. I have tried a hula hoop workout on one of my kid’s video games and I can barely keep up. The computer measures the motion in your hips and shows you on the television screen how you compare.

My daughter can go for several minutes, but I can’t even last one minute. I like the idea of a weighted hula hoop workout because it will help me maintain a certain pace because the hula hoop is heavier. When the hula hoop is too light it just falls to the ground and I get frustrated.

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