What are Some Good Ideas for Breakfast on the Run?

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We already know this. We’ve heard it all our lives. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gets the old metabolism moving, it helps the brain get into gear, and it gives the body a good burst of early morning energy. Then, why do so many people skip it or eat breakfast on the run, if all this is true?

The main reason many skip it altogether or eat breakfast on the run is that so many people are overscheduled. We have busy lives! Families, careers, higher education, commutes, and various daily activities leave us little time for a good meal, especially in the morning. The good news is there are some decent options for those who need to grab something and eat breakfast on the run.

There are lots of instant and quick options. Cereals, instant oatmeal, toaster pancakes and waffles, and microwavable entrees, are all great, but most of them require at least a few moments to prepare and are simpler to eat if one has the time to sit down. However, there are also filled waffles, toaster pastries, toaster strudels, and assorted bars made from granola, other cereals, or fruit that are available for those who need to eat breakfast on the run. These choices are much more appealing to most people than a couple of slices of toast are.


There is obviously a big market for breakfast on the run options, which has led to many creative ideas. Breakfast burritos and breakfast pizzas, pockets, and sandwiches, are all handy and tasty. For those who prefer to drink instead of eating breakfast on the run, drinkable yogurt is another favorite because it is satisfying, healthy, and a good source of calcium. Many juices are also fortified with calcium.

You’ll also find that many fast food restaurants and even service stations offer quick, easy to eat items for customers who tend to take their breakfast on the run. These include croissant and bagel sandwiches, or sometimes an on the go meal that includes a beverage and a side dish, such as hash brown patties.

In this fast-paced world, convenience is important. Time seems to be everything. Just remember that breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. Try to make sure you eat at least a little something each morning even if you have to take your breakfast on the run.


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Post 16

So because I am a professional on-the-go breakfast person I wanted to share one of my many breakfasts I have been through in my years of frantic mornings. And most important by on-the-run I truly mean on the run - going through a drive-through to get a breakfast sandwich would seem lavish as far as time goes in my world.

My husband approves of the breakfast I will share (and this is important because his palate is a bit more refined than mine... I could probably put ketchup on most things...).

This concoction has an added plus - its healthy. In a plastic cup so you can take it to go put a half a cup of yogurt (preferably vanilla

for me, I like things sweet), cut up an apple and throw that in, put a half a cup uncooked oatmeal, and then finally and what brings it all together - cinnamon to taste. Also a fun add to this recipe - dried cranberries.

The apple and oatmeal really helps you feel full for longer and the sweetness of the yogurt and apple goes great with your morning coffee!

Post 15

@sunshined - I love the Kashi Go Lean cereals too! They are really filling and taste good as well! I love the ones with the dried fruit in it! I also like the fact that it has as much protein as an egg, yet it is a lot easier to pour a bowl of cereal versus cook an egg. I actually like the taste of these cereals more than most cereals and more than eggs! There is something about eating an egg or eating meats in the morning that does not set well with my stomach.

I also love the various granola cereals they have out now. There are a lot of different brands and granola mixtures to try, to

keep things interesting and healthy at the same time. I like granola cereal with dried fruit, it is healthy and more flavorful. I like to have my granola cereal with greek yogurt or plain yogurt rather than milk. It tastes better and is more filling to me.

Now they even have on-the-go packets of granola and trail mix mixtures, I haven't tried them, but this seems like a tasty and satisfying choice if you are in a huge hurry!

Post 14

I go through breakfast phases. I don't really like eating a lot in the morning, but these days I have a job that starts around 8 everyday, and if I go into cold I'm foggy-headed until afternoon, even after lunch. So I usually stick to something like a trail mix.

I make my own out of high-fiber muesli (I like chocolate, it feels more decadent), almonds or cashews, and dried fruits, especially things like apricots, raisins, and cranberries. All this together is a really satisfying mix of sweet and salty, with a little protein. It keeps me full for those first few hours, and usually I'm not so full that I feel bloated, which used to happen to me when I tried to eat "real" breakfasts like big bowls of oatmeal or pancakes or waffles.

If I want more food before lunch, I take fruit every day to munch on.

Post 13

With this world catering to instant gratification so much, you can find quite a few options for on-the-go meals, especially on-the-go breakfast. You can either find these things at the grocery if you are trying to conserve money and usually can find healthier options.

If you are really constrained for time, you can grab something at a coffee shop or a fast food restaurant, depending on what time you go, you may not even have to wait in line!

When I am in a hurry in the mornings, I usually will pack a couple granola bars, a piece of fruit, and some cheese. If I get tired of granola bars I will pack some other ready-to-go

snack food, like peanut butter crackers, or cheese crackers. The peanut butter or cheese crackers that come pre-made are pretty decent, and if I buy them in bulk they last me a while.

Pre-made smoothies and/or yogurt is another healthy, on-the-go breakfast option. I try to always grab a piece a fruit with whatever I have, fruit is so tasty, healthy, and normally help me feel fuller.

Post 12

@sunshined- I love golean and other cereals like that. A little protein goes a long way for me when it comes to breakfast. I try to avoid going to any sort of restaurant on the run in the morning, because their foods are really unhealthy. At the same time though, many storebought "instant" breakfast foods are no better, and sometimes are even worse.

Post 11

Everyone in my house is always on the run in the mornings. On the weekends I try to slow things down and make a nice, hot breakfast but this doesn't always happen either.

I have found that if I have all the lunches made and everything sitting out the night before, the mornings go much smoother.

This at least gives me the chance a couple mornings a week to make a healthy smoothie or eat a bowl of cereal that has good amounts of fiber and protein in it.

It only takes about 5 minutes to eat a bowl of cereal. I like the Kashi Go Lean cereals that have as much protein as an egg. They really do keep me full and energized until lunchtime.

They also have some great bars that I can grab in a hurry if I don't have time to sit down and eat something.

Post 10

Trying to get everyone out the door on time in the mornings can be quite stressful around our house. I want everyone to get a good breakfast, but this doesn't often happen during the week.

I must say, I rely a lot on breakfast or granola bars for myself as well as the kids. You can buy healthy bars that are much better for you than sugary cereals, donuts and pop tarts.

I think eating a breakfast bar on the run is better than eating no breakfast at all, or one that has a lot of sugar in it. Even though this means I am eating it in the car on the way to work, at least it keeps my stomach from growling all morning long.

Post 9

@JessicaLynn - That's a pretty good idea. I like a bagel and cream cheese for a quick breakfast.

Usually I toast the bagel, but sometimes if I'm in a hurry I don't bother. I just throw some cream cheese on the bagel and wrap it in some foil. Then I eat it like a sandwich on my drive to work. I keep meaning to start getting up in enough time to eat breakfast at home, but I don't think it's going to happen!

Post 8

I really like smoothies for a quick breakfast. If I'm going to do this, I usually blend up a smoothie the night before, right before I go to bed.

I just throw one banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, yogurt, and some orange juice in the blender. Then I pour it in a plastic cup with a lid and refrigerate. In the morning, I just grab it and drink it in the car on the way to work.

Post 7

I've found that any time I eat quickly or eat when I am stressed out I get terrible indigestion. It doesn't matter what I eat, it always happens.

Once I realized this I just started skipping breakfast all together. I would grab something on the road and scarf it down and then just feel terrible all morning at work.

Now I usually have a mid morning snack like a granola bar or something and then wait until lunch to satisfy my appetite. I'm not sure this is a perfect solution but at least I can make it through the morning without groaning at my desk.

Post 6

I eat breakfast on the run almost every morning and I found that more often than not I was eating really unhealthy things. These usually included doughnuts, danish, McMuffins or some kind of breakfast burrito. I think that breakfast alone added about 10 pounds to my gut.

But recently I have gotten into the habit of filling a nalgene bottle about half full with a mixture of oatmeal and half water half milk. Then I will mix in fruit and nuts. I can actually eat it while I drive by just tilting the bottle up when I drive. It would be nice to eat a healthy sit down breakfast, but when I am in a hurry this works pretty well.

Post 5

My new breakfast food is this fruit yogurt that comes packaged with cereal or granola in the box. It's so nice!

Before I found these, I used to pack some cereal in a ziploc bag and I hated having to do that every morning. These new yogurts are so practical. The only thing missing is a plastic spoon. It's not a problem for me since I keep some plastic spoons at work. But it's so nice that it comes packaged with the cereal. It's literally breakfast on the run.

Post 4

If I'm not too lazy the night before, I like to make a wrap with hummus and veggies for the next morning.

I have had the frozen cream cheese bagels before, and they are ready really fast and save a lot of time. But they are so small! I become hungry again in about half an hour if I have those.

If I haven't prepared something beforehand and don't have any frozen breakfasts at home, my last option is picking up a bagel and cream cheese from the coffee shop on the way to work. This is not a bad option since bagels don't usually cost much. Sometimes I pick up breakfast and some food for lunch from the same place. It really does save a lot of time.

Post 3

I don't eat too much for breakfast even if I do have time anyway and I prefer a homemade breakfast to a restaurant one any day.

When I'm in a rush to go to work in the morning, I toast bread while I'm getting ready and then make a quick sandwich and wrap it up to have it on the way. It doesn't take long because I generally just put a slice of mozzarella or spread some nutella or peanut butter. It's really fast and when you wrap it in some foil, it stays warm for a long time. I usually wait till I get to work, make some tea or coffee in the office and have my sandwich there.

Post 2

@Bhutan - For me I grab my instant oatmeal and sprinkle a little of brown sugar and I am set. The oatmeal is great because it has a lot of fiber and it keeps me full for hours. It also lowers my cholesterol which is another reason why I eat it. I try to add chopped apples and raisins and it tastes great.

I also like these frozen bagel sandwiches that are filled with cream cheese and strawberry jam. I put one of those in the microwave for less than a minute and I am out the door. I have to vary my breakfast every now and then because if I eat the same thing all of the time it

does get boring.

I also think that meal replacement bars that are high in protein and fiber will also do a great job at keep you full. I always keep a few of those in my purse just in case I am in a hurry one morning. I could not imagine ever skipping breakfast like some people do.

Post 1

I think that there a so many options available for people that are in a hurry. I know that a lot of fast food restaurants offer egg and cheese sandwiches either on a bagel, English muffin or a croissant. I personally like the egg and cheese sandwich on the English muffin because it is the least fattening of the all of the breads. I try to be careful when I am in a hurry because I tend to choose really fattening foods that I will later regret.

These foods tend to make me feel sluggish and it is not a good way to start the morning. I stay away from hash browns and make sure that I get my coffee.

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