What are Some Good Gifts for Pregnant Women?

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Shopping for gifts for pregnant women can be a bit challenging. On the one hand, numerous gifts for an upcoming baby are easy to find, and they can be welcomed by pregnant women, especially if they need help getting all the things that will be needed for a new baby. The focus with these gifts is definitely on the baby, not the woman, however, so many people like to give gifts that focus on the mom to be, instead of on the baby. Pregnancy massages, pampering kits, books, and journals can all make nice gifts, as are items that are useful after the baby comes.

Pregnancy tends to become increasingly uncomfortable as it progresses. Tired muscles and aching backs are just some of the symptoms some pregnant women may experience as they carry a growing baby. Many women welcome a little relief to aches and pains. Gift certificates for massages with experts on pregnancy massage are usually appreciated.

It is important to ask about the experience of massage on the pregnant body. Some spas may be terrific, but treatments in heat, like mud treatments or warm cedar treatments, may not be healthy for a pregnant woman. Many day spas have specific programs that are both safe and comfortable for the pregnant woman, so look for these.


Other gifts for pregnant women that are often met with appreciation are any types of pampering kits or baskets. Look for pretty, stylish clothes for either during the pregnancy months or after. While many pregnancy-styled clothes still look a little outdated, some newer brands are fashion conscious, allowing the woman to have access to both comfort and design.

Though there is much focus on the baby, some books are great gifts for pregnant women because they address the woman’s experience of pregnancy. Many books help women negotiate the challenges of dealing with a pregnant body, and cover issues that women may be embarrassed to address with a medical professional.

A beautiful journal can make a great gift for a pregnant woman who enjoys writing. Whether it's a “pregnancy diary” or just a nice journal, many women like to record their thoughts during the pregnancy.

Some gifts serve a dual purpose. For example, a slide rocker and ottoman can be quite comfortable before baby, and it can be useful for rocking or feeding the baby after his or her birth. One size fits all robes or slippers may be useful for a pregnant woman both before and after she gives birth.

An offer to babysit shortly after the baby is born so that a couple can have a post-pregnancy date can make a great gift. The gift giver shouldn’t feel insulted if such an offer is not accepted, however. First-time moms especially may feel so attached to a newborn that they simply are not ready to leave the baby for any length of time.

Don’t wait for a shower to think of gifts for the pregnant woman. Offering babysitting services or cooking the occasional meal might be incredibly helpful for a woman pregnant with her second or third child. These gifts can help the woman take some time off to rest and relax; most pregnant women find this to be one of the finest gifts she can receive.


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Post 5

Education is the ticket! Was just listening to an archived interview Elaine Charles had with Dr. Dolan (author of "Healthy Mom Healthy Baby") on the book report radio show, and what the doctor said made sense to me: an educated woman knows what to expect, knows what's coming, and knows how to prepare herself, which takes care of the stressful nature of being pregnant and giving birth. Spas, treats, and foods are nice, but after the treat you're still going to be pregnant. Good show.

Post 2

YES!!! Spa and beauty are by far the best!!! I just loved it when all my friends pitched in and bought me a gift set!!! It included the most wonderful and i think edible(?) sugar scrub, stretch mark oil and tummy butter!!! I had my baby 6 months ago and am not only stretch mark free but still use their skincare as a part of my daily routine!! You can never spoil a pregnant or new mama too much!!!!

Post 1

spa or beauty treatment have by far been my favorite gifts i've received during my (3) pregnancies! if i could have a pedicure or back rub every day of my pregnancy, it would have been a good day! meals are also nice, because you're usually too tired to cook. one good idea is a gift certificate to one of those kitchens where you can make a ton of freezer meals in about an hour so her freezer is stocked with easy, delicious and healthy meals in a pinch. new clothes are nice, or jewelry if she's feeling a bit chubby in her maternity clothes.

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