What are Some Gift Ideas for Someone Who is Trying to Lose Weight?

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With healthy living and proper dieting gaining more focus, buying gifts with the recipient's dietary needs in mind is a growing concern. Focus on gifts that either promote their efforts or at least do not pose roadblocks.

A food dehydrator is a present to consider getting someone that is looking to eat more fruit or vegetables, and wants an easily transportable snack. These convenient appliances dry out the food and allow you to throw them in a baggie for convenient snacking. Prices can range anywhere from $30 United States Dollars (USD) and up.

If you are looking for gift ideas for someone who is trying to lose weight but doesn't want more material items, you may feel challenged. Giving a membership to a local gym is a present to consider. This should be handled delicately as this is a gift that could come off as insulting. If the person drops hints that they would like this, then it’s okay to consider giving. If they’ve never mentioned it but complain that they’re overweight, it could go either way.

A pedometer is a useful present for those that go for walks or are interested in knowing how many steps they take in a day. They’re small enough to wear and carry around on a daily basis. Make sure to do research before you purchase one as some don’t measure the steps correctly.


A magazine subscription is a present that nearly any budget can accommodate. There are several types to choose from, including fitness, health, healthy cooking, and quite a few others. The recipient can read good recipes and tips and you can get a relatively easy to buy gift.

An MP3 player is a present that can be useful for those who get bored during exercise. Music can have an inspirational effect and has the ability to make you feel like you’re barely even exercising. Consider giving a present that is not only useful during exercise, but can also be used when the person is not working out as well.

You may also want to consider giving something healthy and edible. A certificate to a Fruit of the Month Club is one option to think about. A different type of fruit is delivered to the recipients home every month for as long as you choose. The price ranges depending on how long you want the present delivered.

Coming up with appropriate gift ideas is mainly a matter of thinking about the recipient’s personal tastes and the goals that they’re trying to achieve. Listen for hints being dropped about what present would be ideal. You should be able to come up with a good idea as long as you put thought into it.


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@aaaCookie, another nice gift idea along this line would be a gift card to a sports apparel or sports equipment store; then the recipient could decide just what he or she needs most to get motivated. A beginner's class in something like yoga or tai chi might also be good, because it's a form of exercise that is also about relaxation and balance, not just losing weight.

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In addition to magazine subscriptions, books are also great gifts for Christmas for someone starting a weight loss or exercise plan. For example, an aspiring runner might be inspired by a book about training for a marathon, while someone who has just started a vegetarian diet could be very excited by the idea of a cookbook.

Books like these are also much less likely to seem insulting than, for example, giving someone a subscription to a weight loss magazine- though a fitness magazine, like Runner's World or Shape, would be perhaps easier to give without offending someone.

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