What are Some Gift Ideas for Kids?

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Children are just as diverse as adults, so it can be difficult to decide what type of gifts are ideal for a particular child. Not every child likes the same types of toys and games. With that being said, it is still possible to give children gifts that they will like. Finding gift ideas for kids may be challenging, but many people enjoy tackling this task. It's simply a matter of knowing the likes and dislikes of a particular child before finding a gift for her.

Gift ideas for kids who love to create art include giving them an art gift basket. The gift basket can be filled with art supplies to help kids design their own artwork. Compiling an art gift basket for a child is simple to do, and visiting any discount store will help an adult gather the necessary materials for the gift.

Modeling clay, markers, crayons, paint, paintbrushes, and drawing pads are ideal items to place inside a gift basket. Construction paper, children's craft scissors, and a pack of glue sticks are also smart choices to include. Some gift givers may even wish to tuck a how-to-draw book inside the basket as well.

Children who love to lose themselves in a good book may appreciate gifts that have to do with reading. A gift certificate to their favorite bookstore of a collection of books from their favorite author may be the perfect gift for them. Some companies produce personalized books for kids.


The gift giver provides the company with the name of the child, names of her friends, and information about her hobbies. The company then creates a book with the child as the star of the book. These gift ideas for kids who love to read vary in price but should please children who love to get their hands on a good book.

Kids who are music lovers may enjoy a gift basket stocked with their favorite music CDs. Others might enjoy a video game that revolves around the playing of music. A piano keyboard is a good option for kids who'd like to learn to play a musical instrument. Throw in a DVD or computer software that shows children how to play the keyboard. A variety of manufacturers offer piano tutorials that teach people to play music in a fun, hands-on manner. Such musically flavored gift ideas for kids are easy to compile and are a good choice for children who love music.

Kids who enjoy sports might like new sports equipment or tickets to see their favorite sports team play. Another option is to give the child a free pass to a fun park that features miniature golf, rock climbing, a batting cage, and go-cart racing. Adults can also give sports-loving kids jerseys and caps that advertise their favorite sports team. Basketball fanatics might enjoy an indoor basketball hoop so they can practice for a future career with the NBA. These gift ideas for kids who love sports can be tailored to fit the needs of each child.

It's easier to find gifts for smaller children. Gift ideas for kids between the ages of three and six can focus on educational toys. Kids in this age group like to play with blocks, LegosĀ®, and other simple building toys. Buying children toys like blocks helps them to engage in creative play that builds the imagination and develops fine motor skills. Most building toys are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in a variety of toy and discount stores. Children aged three and below should never be given toys with small pieces since such toys are a choking a hazard.


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Post 4

I get so upset when relatives buy ridiculously expensive gifts for kids for birthdays and holidays. It makes everyone else look bad! There is no need to spend a fortune. There are a lot of very unique gift ideas for kids. Playing cards, art supplies, a yoyo or a children's jump rope are all fun and cheap gifts.

Plus, I've seen some of my nieces and nephews dislike some very expensive gifts from relatives and play with very basic toys instead! It's the thought that counts. There is no need to make it into a "who spent the most" race.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- Markers, crayons, coloring books, story books, simple puzzles, sticker books and story books are all great and affordable gift ideas for a five year old. You might want to ask her mom if she likes a certain cartoon character, because there are coloring books with different characters and themes. Some children's cartoons are also sold as toys and dolls. Some of them are very affordable. If you get her something associated with a cartoon that she likes, it won't matter if it's a less expensive gift. Kids can be happy with the smallest of things if they are interested in it!

Post 1

I'm going to a co-worker's house for Christmas. She has a five year old daughter. I don't have any children, so I have no idea what to get. I can't afford to spend a lot. I'm thinking of getting a coloring book with crayons and some modeling clay. Is this a good idea? Does anyone have any other inexpensive gift ideas for kids?

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