What are Some Free Blackberry Applications?

B. Miller

A BlackBerry® is a smartphone developed by Research In Motion (RIM) to combine the capabilities of a PDA with a cell phone. BlackBerries, which often feature a full QWERTY keyboard, also have e-mail, Internet, and Instant Messaging capabilities along with a number of other applications. It is possible to further customize your BlackBerry® using a number of free BlackBerry® applications.

A SD card.
A SD card.

Free BlackBerry® applications include basic tools, such as news, maps, weather, and GPS information services. Piconews, for example, allows you to receive international news on your BlackBerry. Some applications allow you to personalize the information you view.

A BlackBerry®.
A BlackBerry®.

Other free BlackBerry applications of interest include text applications. For example, users may be interested in is BBNotepad — text editing software that saves information to an SD card. List managers are also available for free, which help you create multiple lists and even set deadlines for when the list should be completed.

Helpful free BlackBerry® applications for students include a flash card creating app that creates virtual flash cards, through e-mail or spreadsheets, to aid studying on the go. Stock market tracking applications are available as are RSS readers which allows you to keep track of any RSS feeds you normally would monitor on your home computer.

Free BlackBerry® applications aren't only functional. Games such as Zelda Mobile and Sudoku are available. For social networking enthusiasts, Facebook for the BlackBerry is available, as is TwitterBerry, which will allow you to constantly view Twitter updates posted by your family, friends or colleagues.

The RIM's website also provides a free photo uploader tool for uploading photos to Flickr. People who enjoy downloading books to read on the go will appreciate MobiPocket Reader. It is possible to either download books directly to your phone, or first to your PC and then sync them to the BlackBerry®. Though the books are not free, the program is.

These are just a few of the hundreds of free BlackBerry® applications available, but they do give a taste of what is out there.

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