What are Some Ergonomic Telephone Accessories?

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A telephone, particularly when used often throughout the day, can cause a number of neck and shoulder problems. Fortunately, these injuries can be avoided through proper use of the telephone, along with the help of ergonomic accessories.

One of the most popular ergonomic phone accessories is the telephone headset. With the ergonomic headset, the user’s hands are freed up to continue working. It also prevents the user from tilting his or her head to one side in order to hold the phone in place between the head and the shoulder. Over time, tilting the head to one side in order to keep the phone in this position can lead to extreme pain and even physical damage.

If an ergonomic telephone headset is not a feasible option, another phone accessory that can be used is a padded phone rest. This pad is attached to the back of the phone. In essence, this thickens the phone and allows it to be more comfortably rested on the shoulder. As a result, the user does not need to tilt his or her head as far in order to keep the phone in place.


Even with this accessory, some individuals tend to grip the phone too tightly, which can result in wrist pain. Therefore, using ergonomic accessories alone is not enough to prevent pain from developing during phone use. It is also important for the user to pay attention to how he or she uses the phone and correct bad behaviors. It is not necessary to use a great deal of force when holding a phone, and in fact, the wrist should be held in as neutral a position as possible.

A telephone arm is also a beneficial ergonomic accessory, as it helps keep the phone within easy reach. A telephone arm is simply a special type of stand designed specifically for a phone. The stand is capable of expanding and being positioned in a spot that keeps the phone within reach, while also keeping the phone off of the workstation. In the case of the telescoping telephone arm, it is also possible expand the arm and rotate the platform 360°.


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