What are Some Easy Camping Recipes?

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Part of the charm of camping is enjoying the great outdoors while you eat. While camping food can seem somewhat limited, the fact is that it is possible to find all sorts of easy meals to prepare while camping. There are simple camping recipes that require few or no pots and pans, and provide plenty of taste and nutrition in the bargain. Here are a few examples of easy camping recipes that anyone can prepare.

One category among easy camping recipes is the one pot approach. These types of recipes require a single pot, such as a Dutch oven, that is suspended over an open fire. Everything goes into the pot and simmers until done. The end result is a dish that is a cross between a soup, a stew, and a casserole.


One easy camping recipe that is a good example of a one pot meal is a chicken stew. A basic recipe calls for four to six boneless chicken breasts, a couple cans of cream of chicken soup and several raw vegetables, such as carrots, onions, potatoes and celery. After chopping the raw vegetables, all the ingredients are dumped into the pot. Two to four cups of water are added and the contents stirred to allow the soup and water to mix evenly. Simple seasonings like salt and pepper can be added to enhance the taste. The mixture is allowed to simmer for a couple of hours, ensuring that the chicken breasts are cooked thoroughly and the potatoes are soft.

Along with one-pot simple camping recipes, there is also the chance to bake on the open fire, using aluminum foil. A hobo dinner is a great example of this approach. Sliced carrots, potatoes, and onions are placed on a sheet of foil. Hamburger patties are formed and laid on top of the cut vegetables. After adding salt and pepper, the foil is folded into a pouch and placed directly on the coals of a portable grill. If cooking over an open fire, use a metal coat hanger to create a frame to hold the pouch over the fire. After about a half-hour, the contents of the foil package will be thoroughly cooked and ready to enjoy.

It is even possible to make use of easy camping recipes to create tasty desserts. One approach is to use a small Dutch oven to create a peach cobbler. All that is required is a large can of peaches and a yellow cake mix. Place roughly a quarter of the cake mix in the bottom of the pot. Pour the can of peaches, including the juice over the layer. Top with another quarter of the mix. Position the lid on the pot and suspend the pot over an open fire. In twenty to thirty minutes, the heat will create a soft and appealing crust on the top and bottom of the peaches as well as thicken the filling around the peaches.

Easy camping recipes vary, depending on whether the camping is taking place at a primitive campsite or at a campsite equipped with electricity or charcoal grills in close proximity. In either situation, it is possible to adapt many simple recipes from home into easy camping recipes. Think in terms of only a few ingredients and using no more than one pot to make the meal, and there is a good chance that you can come up with some easy camping meals of your own.


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I am all about some easy breakfast camping recipes. This one is super easy and delicious. It’s called Corny Eggs.

You need 6 eggs, 1 can of cream corn, and some crumbled bacon (or bacon bits). Beat the eggs with a fork. Add your corn and bacon. Pour into a greased, heated skillet and let cook.

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I like to take a head of cabbage, cut the core out, add butter and seasonings and then wrap it in foil and stick it on the grill. Leave it on there for a pretty long time and when you unwrap it, it is mouthwatering and delicious!

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