What are Some Dishes Made with Cashews?

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Cashews are prized for their rich, almost buttery taste. They add protein and a satisfying crunch to many dishes. Cashew nuts can be found in Eastern cuisines as well as in many vegetarian dishes.

Palya is an Indian vegetarian dish made with ingredients such as cashews, cabbage, peas, onions, chili peppers and fresh grated coconut. Common seasonings for palya include coriander, mustard seed and turmeric as well as fresh curry leaves. The spices and onions are cooked in a hot pan before adding the vegetables and cashews. Palya may be served over rice.

Cashews are often added to Asian stir fry dishes. Stir fries may include cashews along with chicken or prawns. Some vegetarian stir fry dishes feature cashews along with tofu as a protein.

Creamed vegetable soups such as cream of cauliflower soup often taste delicious with a handful of cashew nuts added before serving. Vegetarian lentil soups may also be flavored with cashew nuts. Cashews that are oven-roasted often have the most flavor. Nuts can be spread out on a cookie sheet and baked in a moderate oven just for a few minutes before they turn brown.


There are many variations of cashew chicken dishes. Some of these use breaded chicken and feature a white sauce. The cashews are sprinkled on top. Boneless chicken breast marinated in soy sauce, oil and garlic may be fried or grilled and topped with pineapple or orange sauce and cashews. Chicken can also be baked in a creamy sauce with chopped cashews on top that form a crunchy crust.

Cashew and curry chicken dishes are popular in Indian cuisine. Ingredients such as coconut, cinnamon, ginger, coriander, cumin, garlic and oil are often added to cashew chicken curries. Nasi Kunyit is an Indian recipe made with basmati rice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cashews. Yum Tua Phu is a Thai crunchy green bean salad with cashews.


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