What Are Some Different Uses for Baby Food Jars?

Nya Bruce

For some parents, throwing away empty baby food jars may seem like a waste of a perfectly good container. Although they aren't extremely large in size, these glass jars can gain a new purpose with a little creativity and imagination. They can be reused in a variety of different ways around the house or even as gifts. Some potential ways to make use of this type of jar includes turning them into storage containers or using them to create fun crafts for children. Other uses include using them to grow seedling for a garden or as candle holders.

Baby food.
Baby food.

Before using empty baby food jars, they'll need to be prepared for whatever use they are being put to. Naturally the jar should be cleaned to remove any food residue or lingering scents. The label and the sticky glue beneath it should also be removed. This can be a challenge to remove completely and may require soaking or scraping with a razor. Once the jar has been cleaned and the label has been taken off, it is ready for its new use.

Used baby food jars make excellent containers for straight pins.
Used baby food jars make excellent containers for straight pins.

Baby food jar are easily transformed into storage containers for almost anything in the home. In the kitchen clean jars can be used to store spices or small amounts of leftover food, such as sauce. They can be used to store buttons, rhinestones, clasps or any other small object related to crafts or sewing. Office items, such as push pins or paper clips, can be organized using this type of jar.

They can also be used as containers to hold homemade gifts; for instance, they can be filled with homemade bath scrubs or salts to give them away as gifts for friends and family. Their small size makes them ideal if making several different scents and colors. This way several baby food jars of bath salts can be given away, with each containing a different smell.

Old baby food jars may also be used create craft projects with children. One common project is to create a small snow globe using a small decorative item or figurine, water and a small amount of glitter. They can even be used in more educational projects, such as creating a volcanic reaction inside of a model volcano using baking soda and vinegar.

In the garden, baby food jars are the right size for starting seeds or growing seedlings. Seedlings can be planted in a small amount of potting soil, while seeds can be started in prepared gelatin. For outdoor or indoor lighting, votive candles or tea lights can be placed inside of empty jars.

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