What are Some Different Types of Lawn Mowers?

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Lawn mowers come in a variety of types and price ranges. Though there are two basic types of machines — push mowers and riding mowers — they still vary in size, design, and engineering. There are also differences in the way the various ones cut your grass.

Push mowers are either gas or electric, except for the reel style. Most reel style lawn mowers are powered by pure human touch. In years past, this style has been more difficult to push than modern designs. Because they use no alternative source of power, they are considered the most environmentally friendly mower.

Other variations of push mowers include gas and electric power. Many people find fueling and maintaining gas powered mowers messy and inconvenient, but others prefer their increased power. Whatever the power source, push lawn mowers have varying features including self-propelled, mulching or bagging. Mulching mowers mulch the grass clippings and throw them back out onto the lawn. Bagging or catching mowers collect the clippings in an attached containment bag. Many push mowers feature both options.


Riding lawn mowers are another type of mower that are frequently used for large scale yards. Also known as lawn tractors, there are many different features available. Some riding mowers are designed with a hitch to pull a yard cart or spreader behind them for additional lawn tasks besides mowing. Though most are designed for use while sitting, there are some that are stand-behind models. These are typically reserved for large scale or large volume mowing and easy transport, thus frequently used by professional lawn services and government property maintenance departments.

Lawn mowers range in price, depending on type, make and model. Regardless of cost or type, they are an essential piece of equipment for most homeowners. Choosing one depends vastly on the type and size of yard you have and how you want to approach lawn maintenance. The best way to find the mower you want and need is to shop home improvement and tool stores to compare makes, models, prices, and features.


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