What are Some Different Types of Bathroom Flooring?

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When updating an older bathroom or building a new one, the question of how to cover the flooring of the space is always important. Generally, people prefer a flooring option that is low maintenance and hygienic. Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to covering the bathroom floor.

Far and away the most popular option for the bathroom is ceramic tile. When installed properly, the tile creates a smooth and solid surface that is easy to clean and will remain looking new for many years. While some different types of bathroom flooring require a great deal of maintenance, ceramic tile requires nothing more than a quick cleaning with the same types of cleansers used for the kitchen tile. While the installation process involves setting and grouting the floor, the end result is well worth the effort.

Close behind ceramic tile is the use of laminated tiles for the bathroom. Like the ceramic models, it is possible to create a floor surface that is smooth, relatively water tight, and requires no more than a minimal amount of effort to keep clean. Unlike other types of flooring, laminated tiles are a relatively inexpensive option. Best of all, many brands come with adhesive backing, making the process of installation a task that can be completed in just a few hours.


The use of marble is also a popular option for bathroom flooring. Cut into tiles or installed as solid sheets into the space, marble adds a bit of luxury to the bathroom. The hard material holds up well over many years of use and is also not difficult to clean. While more expensive than some different types of bathroom flooring, using marble can be seen as an investment in the home that will be enjoyed for many years.

Wood flooring can also be used in a bathroom if installed correctly. Hardwoods such as oak or pine are often used. The wood is treated and sealed to create a solid barrier that does not allow dirt and grime to seep into the grain of the wood. Another alternative is laminated flooring that has the appearance of wood. Like the real woods, the laminated versions are sealed to prevent seepage of water into cracks and crevices between the sections of laminate.

While carpeting ranks as the least desirable option for the bathroom, there are some people who prefer to go this route. Some carpeting makes use of olefin blends that tend to repel water. The pile of the carpet is typically very short, making it easy to run a vacuum cleaner over the floor periodically. The carpeting can be cleaned using a foam carpet cleaner found in most supermarkets.

Whether taking on the task of bathroom remodeling or building a new bathroom, it is worth the time and effort to consider some different types of bathroom flooring. Depending on the amount of wear and tear associated with regular use of the space, along with the personal preferences of the home owners, it is possible to find the right solution for covering the floor.


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Post 3

@ Alchemy- If you are only looking to tile in your bathroom floors, you may want to consider ceramic tile flooring over laminate flooring. Tile will probably cost double the price of laminate flooring to install, but it is much more resistant to moisture, and damage repairs are much simpler.

If water were to get underneath your laminate flooring, your floor would buckle, and you would need to replace a large section of the floor, rather than just repair a tile or two. The addition of tile in the bathroom would also pay for itself when it came time to sell your property. The installation is harder, but it is not impossible for a do-it-yourselfer. It really just takes more time for the tile to set, whereas laminate is ready for use immediately.

Post 2

@ Alchemy- If you are doing a bathroom remodel, laminate flooring will certainly be better than carpet. I always thought that carpet in a bathroom makes for an unsanitary bathroom, and can be a disaster if the toilet ever backs up. The constant moisture from the shower and steam can also leave the carpet smelling foul.

Anyway, Laminate flooring is very easy to install, but it would be too much to list in this comment space. You will only need the basics (screwdrivers/drill and a hammer and block). You will also need a jigsaw, a fine tooth saw (a miter saw works well), a shop vacuum, and a dust mask.

The install is really easy, and you can have a

house done in a day if you have someone to lend a hand. A few key notes to remember: 1) lay the backing down. 2) Leave a quarter inch gap around the flooring. 3) Be sure to let the pergo flooring acclimate to the climate in the room it will be installed in for two to three days. 4) Be sure to stagger the planks correctly.
Post 1

How hard is it to install laminate wood flooring? What type of materials do I need? Is it glued down, or is it floating over the existing floor base? We recently bought a place that had wall-to-wall carpet, including the bathrooms. We want a cheap replacement, but we do not want carpet, especially in the bathrooms. We would love to have ceramic tile flooring, but it may be out of our budget, and I would like to do the installation myself.

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