What are Some Different Kinds of Wedding Favors?

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When people think of wedding favors, colored or white Jordan almonds or perhaps birdseed in netted fabric may come to mind. While these are classic wedding favors — and there’s nothing wrong with a classic — they're by no means the only choices for wedding favors. In fact, brides and grooms have become increasingly creative with wedding favors, and there are plenty to choose from that will express your unique personality as a couple.

There are any number of wedding favors that are edible, and a number of wonderful containers for an edible favor. Instead of net, you can use clear boxes, tiny jars, mini Chinese boxes, or a variety of other containers. Some couples choose to have their names inscribed on the container for edible wedding favors. The trouble with these wedding favors for some couples, is that they won’t last long. If you fill up a wedding favor with yummy chocolate, M&Ms®, candied hearts or other choices, chances are your guests will enjoy them quite quickly.


Many couples instead prefer to opt for wedding favors that are a bit more durable. A popular modern choice is a scented candle in a small tin with the bride’s and groom’s names or initials on the lid. Another good choice is a beautiful wine glass your guests can take home and enjoy year round. Some couples enjoy having magnets made, which can be useful and lovely reminders of a couple’s wedding. Instead of birdseeds, a couple might give a package of wildflower seeds that can be planted and thus symbolize growing love in a marriage.

One of the classic wedding favors is a placecard framed in a silver picture frame. If you have a seating arrangement at your wedding, each guest can then take these frames home. You can even later send a small picture of your wedding day to fit the frame, a perfect accompaniment to thank you notes for gifts. Another popular choice are coasters printed with the couple’s names.

If money is short, you can still provide creative and lovely wedding favors for your guests. For example, you can buy in bulk tiny bells that can be rung when the bride and groom approach a table or share a kiss. Personalize these by attaching a small romantic poem, a little thank you for attending, or simply wedding ribbon with the bride and groom’s name on it. Making your own favors can be a terrific way of saving money, but still keeping these little gifts to your guests personal and lovely.

Other inexpensive wedding favors can again be ordered in bulk. Buy small lidded jars and fill them with dried lavender or potpourri. If you don’t want to order them with print, either member of the couple or both can paint their names on the jars in gold or silver paint. You can also order small candles in glass containers and write or paint your names on them with suitable decorations.


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Post 3

@irontoenail - Those will only really work in a traditional wedding though and more and more people like to have unique weddings that suit their particular taste. Tropical wedding favors for a beach wedding should be something suitable for the theme, like chocolate seashells or even real shells in a candle or something like that.

Although Jordan almonds do come in almost any color scheme, so you could make them work. They are pretty expensive for only a short term enjoyment though, so they are definitely not what I'd pick.

Post 2

@pleonasm - I love the classics, to be honest. I still remember the taste of the Jordan almonds that my uncle had at his wedding and I would definitely do the same thing for mine, just for nostalgia's sake if nothing else.

I think it's also good to provide something that can serve as a more permanent reminder of the day, but if the seating cards are very fancy then the guests can always take those away with them.

Post 1

The cutest kind of wedding reception favor I've seen recently is wildflower seeds that have incorporated into a bit of handmade paper with a little poem or something on it. So you can enjoy the poem and then plant the paper and enjoy the flowers for some months to come.

I've also seen weddings where the favors were disposable cameras and the bride and groom set up a photo account online where the guests could post all their photos.

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