What are Some Different Kinds of Fudge?

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There are several different types of fudge that can be made or bought. Though confectioners sugar, cocoa, and butter are pretty constant ingredients in all types, many of the ingredients vary. Because there are many creative bakers, the following examples are by no means exhaustive, but are some of the more popular kinds.

Obviously the most popular type of fudge is plain chocolate. However, when you vary the types of chocolate used in the confection, you get a different type. Marble fudge is one such variety that uses three or more types of chocolate, including white. Fudge made with different types of chocolates often has a much richer taste. You can also find variations of plain and marbled fudge that include nuts — commonly pecans, almonds, or peanuts.

Peanut butter fudge is another type that many people enjoy. Similar to commercially sold candies, a combination of chocolate and peanut butter makes delicious fudge as well. Peanut butter flavor is a popular holiday confection often used as a baked good gift. You can vary homemade recipes by using smooth or crunchy peanut butter.

Other types contain different ingredients such as coconut or fruit. Coconut fudge combines chocolate and coconut for a unique taste and texture. Some varieties contain fruit like raisins or cranberries, though many people shun the fruity variety in favor of the richer, smoother plain chocolate.


Though with creativity you could create most any confection, fudge is often bought or made for its simplicity as a traditional, yet popular candy. Many store bought varieties are very good, but genuine gourmets prefer to give their fudge a personalized touch by perfecting their recipes with the right combination of ingredients. There are numerous easy recipes and, if you like, you can alter them to your own tastes to create any type you want.


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There's one kind of fudge called Four Chip Fudge that's also yummy. It calls for milk chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, butterscotch and peanut butter chips. It has a complex flavor and is scrumptious.

Several years ago, Southern Living magazine published a recipe for microwave peanut butter fudge that was awesome. I let it get away from me. Maybe it's on their website.

Vanilla fudge is not just the name of a 60s rock group, but is also a legitimate fudge flavor. You need really, really top quality vanilla flavoring for this fudge, since that’s the dominant flavor. Use the best real vanilla you can find.

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