What are Some Different Belt Accessories?

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Belts are handy devices that can be employed as a practical article of clothing or as a decorative touch to an outfit. Often, the belt will be enhanced in some manner by the introduction of one or more belt accessories. Here are some examples of different types of additions that can add either style or function to different types of belts.

When it comes to creating a particular look for a given belt, nothing does the job as easily as the belt buckle. There are several belt manufacturers that produce a line of belts that are configured to allow the owner to switch out belt buckles at will. This means that an individual can purchase several buckles as belt accessories that will change the look of the belt to create the desired impression. Traditional buckles can be employed when the appearance needs to be more conservative, while the addition of an oversized or highly detailed buckle will be ideal for a more casual and fun look. The interchangeable buckle is easily one of the most common of all belt accessories.


The advent of the cell phone has created the need for a new type of belt accessory. The belt clip makes it possible to securely carry the cell phone by attaching the device to the belt. This means that the owner does not have to rifle through coat or pants pockets in order to locate the cell phone when it rings. Belt clips provide an easy way to reach the phone when necessary. At the same time, the clips help to eliminate an unsightly bulge in the line of the clothing. From this perspective, the belt clip could be viewed as one of the belt accessories that is both fun and functional.

Of course, not all belts are worn as a fashion statement or as an accessory with casual clothing. Many persons wear specialized belts as part of their work. Plumbers, electricians, and construction workers often will wear belts that are enhanced with pouches, pockets and other enhancements that make it possible to carry tools and other materials needed for work projects. Along with detachable pouches, easy to apply padding also falls into the category of belt accessories for these types of hard working professionals. The padding slips into place and helps to minimize chafing and rubbing that may take place when pouches filled with tools rub against the body. Protective padding definitely qualifies as a form of belt accessories that are functional and practical.


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